10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

You should consider the top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) if you’re thinking of taking a career path in Real Estate Investment. there is a wide range of jobs available for you in this sector.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate is always in high demand as the quest for homes keeps rising globally. REITs provide investors with the opportunity to invest in Real Estate without bothering about the routine of property management.

REITs are investment vehicles, that finance and also maintain income-generating real estate. They help investors own different real estate without the need for mortgages, rent, or management agreements. The Best Paying Jobs in REITs always have the executive team at the top. Here are 10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS);

#1 REIT Analyst

A REIT Analyst helps the finance team in marketing, acquisition, financing, and disposition of the properties. They play an essential role in Real Estate as the acquisition team has to take their advice before making an investment decision. They also make reports for the operations team evaluating the market.

#2 Relations Consultant

This is a very high-paying REIT job, as it is considered the best choice of career for enthusiastic people. They communicate with inventors and get potential projects to take on. Their job is mainly focused on making investment reports, relationships with stockholders, and setting up teams for meetings and workshops.

#3 Real Estate Broker

This is a good paying job in REIT, as they negotiate properties. Brokers have licenses, and also have good qualifications. Brokers are specialized as they can either work solely or together with agents. They are also highly paid, with a mostly six-figure salary.

#4 Real Estate Attorney Jobs

The job of a Real Estate Property Appraiser includes settling disputes in property transfers and ownership. Attorneys play a major role in REITs such as the issuance of titles, transferring, documentation, or other legal issues as regards Real Estate properties. They provide legal guidance to both buyers and sellers, and they also act as the mediator between the buyers and sellers.

#5 Acquisition

The function of acquisition in REIT is to get new investment opportunities. To work in this position, you need to have a degree in capital markets, finance, marketing, or general business

#6 Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent remains one of the most essential and important roles in the Real Estate field. They assist people in buying and selling Real estate properties. Real Estate Agents specialize in sales of residential properties and commercial properties, they also connect buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Agents are different from brokers, as they have a professional license and usually work for a brokerage firm.

#7 Asset Management

The function of Asset Management is to oversee the work of the portfolio of assets within the REITs. They work together with the vice president, and also with the development, acquisition, accounting, and finance departments.

#8 Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investors purchase assets and add more value to the properties, before making a resale at a higher price. Not everyone would be willing to take the risks as it takes time, patience, and skills. To be a Real Estate Investor, you would have to research the market and follow its trends. It is a very profitable career job in REITs.

#9 Development

A REIT developer is in the place of building new properties. This project has management and works with other functions for property development. A developer also works hand in hand with contractors and subcontractors.

#10 Real Estate Property Appraiser

A Real Estate Property Appraiser determines the worth of a property (either commercial or residential) and also identifies the asset’s value depending on the market and other economic factors.

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