10 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students – #3 is Commonly Popular

Summer is quite a good time for high schoolers to earn money. Having a job during the summer when school is out of session is an opportunity for high school students to earn extra income, reduce reliance on student loans, and also gain practical experience.

10 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students

Top 10 Summer Jobs for High School Students

There are several summer jobs high school students can partake in. Here are the 10 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students.

#1 Grocery Store Worker

There are so many grocery stores and supermarket jobs in places with high populations. Grocery stores might not pay too much as the base pay most times is generally a few ticks above the federal minimum wage. Grocery store and supermarket employees most times work in shifts.

#2 Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is a job high school students can do that would make them hardly feel like they’re working. If you reside in an environment where there are many private pools, you should not have trouble finding business. You can also look for work with a pool cleaning company that hires under 18, this may depend on the labor laws in your area.

#3 Babysitters

Babysitting is a nice job idea for high school students and also pays well. In most cities, the average a babysitter collects per hour is about $20.

#4 Handyperson

You could also serve as a helping hand in home improvement projects. You should not bother with jobs that require licensing and extensive training. Go with relatively low-skill work that many people don’t have time to do themselves, like painting. You can also advertise your services online to find clients who want their work done.

#5 Tutor

Most high school students use the summer break for coaching others. You could help other students in subjects you are very good at and earn decent pay as a tutor. Tutors who are high school students may not earn more than the national average rate.

Even at that, tutoring is a good job as it requires no physical labor and can be done in the comfort of an air-conditioned home office. High school students who are tutors can have enough time for themselves and also earn money.

#6 Camp Counselor

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, or supervising and monitoring kids, then the job of a camp counselor is the best for you. If you don’t mind spending a few days away from home, sleepaway camps offer free rooms, opportunities to socialize with fellow counselors, and ample outdoor recreation opportunities on days off.


#7 Restaurant Server

Beverage and food service jobs tr easy for high school students or young people to get without experience. Although the average base pay is poor, on a few occasions below the minimum wage, workers who earn tips can do well for themselves.

#8 Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Most summer travelers don’t take their pets along with them, that’s where the job of a dog walker or pet sitter comes in. all you need to do is take care of your client’s pets, make sure you feed them well, exercise, and love them. Pet sitting is quite a lucrative job for high school students, although it might be tedious and difficult sometimes.

#9 Lifeguard

Lifeguarding at a beach or pool can be a good source of income if you’re a strong swimmer and can remain attentive for long period at a stretch. Although, lifeguarding requires more training than a typical high school summer job.

#10 Landscaping and Lawn Care Worker

Lawn care is not the only groundskeeping-type job available to high school students. Garden beds need digging, weeding watering, mulching, and general tending throughout the growing season. Most high school students work as one-person shows, prospecting for lawn care clients.

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