11 Best Paid Online Research Studies that pay up to $150

Speaking of 11 Best Paid Online Research Studies, there are paid online research groups you can be a part of from anywhere in the world. A paid research studies group is a small group of people that have been invited to share their opinions. They are used for market research for new or existing products, to be able to determine people’s opinions towards branding, usability, packaging, or ideas.

11 Best Paid Online Research Studies

They can also be used for opinion research and political campaigns. Paid Online Research Studies involve you giving opinions and answering questions on a specific subject, earning an extra dollar. Here is a list of the best paid online research studies;

#1 Respondent

This is a service that facilitates consumer research studies in-person and online with an average pay of $150 to $250 per research. The respondents have online research studies that are available to US residents and international. All you need to do to join the respondents is to create an account, and then you will be able to browse all the studies you might qualify for.

#2 User Interviews

User Interviews help to bring in-person and online consumer conservations about websites, products, and services. You would need to sign up for User Interviews by creating an account with the company. The provided information will help User Interviews pair you with studies.

#3 Recruit and Field

Recruit and Field offer online studies and research groups in different locations in the United States. They search for participants from any gender and age for their studies. Their pay rate ranges from $100 to $275 per research study.

#4 SurveyFeeds

SurveyFeeds are online research studies offered in different locations in the United States. They specialize in in-person studies like Research Studies Groups, Clinical Research studies, One-on-One Interviews, and Online studies. The studies range from $50 to $475.

#5 FocusGroup.com

FocusGroup.com is a service that offers both online and in-person research groups all over the United States. They run business-specific topics and medical topics. Mostly, you find interesting research studies on consumer topics like Pets, Cars, Sports, Entertainment, Electronics, Cell Phones, and others.

#6 Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics practices in User Experience and User Interface testing (UI and UX). Clients pay them to help make their users happy, and in turn, they pay people to give their honest feedback on web designs and software applications.

They recruit testers from all over the world with all levels of technology experience, according to the site. Experience dynamics also promotes field studies, diary studies, phone interviews, online focus groups, and online surveys.

#7 Survey Squad

Survey Squad is an aggregator of paid research studies groups and survey opportunities.

#8 Plaza Research

Plaza Research is a market research company that has facilities in 14 countries across the United States. They target consumers, parents, kids, students, and business professionals. The research groups also pay between $50 -$200 per session.

#9 Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research is a market research that hosts research groups in the United States. Interviews are conducted in groups by phone or online depending on the amount of time assigned to the study. Probe Market Research groups pay between $50 to $400.

#10 WatchLab

WatchLab is a website that offers all kinds of research tests, interviews, usability tests, and others. It has an online research group and in-person research studies. Their pay ranges from $50 to $200 for 1 – 2 hours. Pay varies based on the research.

#11 Engage

Engage is considered an old-school-looking website that specializes in consumer and healthcare market research studies. This means you will need to select one when you subscribe. Their pay ranges from $50 to $250. Here, we conclude this article 11 Best Paid Online Research Studies.

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