12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview | #5 Will Save You Alot

There are some things you should never say in a job interview to ensure or guarantee your pass for the interview. The main goal of any job interview is to give reasons why you are the best or most qualified person for the job.

12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview

It is important you know that there are some words or statements you should never make in a job interview;

#1 What the Hell!

This is might be surprising that some people say this in job interviews. You should avoid saying this as much as possible.

#2 “I know I don’t have much experience, but ….”

In as much as you don’t have the qualifying experience for the job, you should say you don’t have much experience. Saying this means you’re not fit for the job or you’re not the right person for the job. You should not draw the hiring manager to your weaknesses, you should be positive and be more focused on your strengths.

#3 I’m really nervous

No company or establishment wants to hire a person who lacks confidence, so even if you’re more nervous than you’ve ever been, you should not make it obvious.

#4 “So, tell me what you do around here”

Before going for a job interview, you should make your own research about the company. You would want to show that you’ve done enough research and thought about how you would fit in.

#5 “Um, I don’t know”

There are questions you might likely have issues giving the answers to. But giving a response of I don’t know is not the right approach.

#6 “Do you know when we’ll be finished here?”

You should not always lay the impression that you have to be in somewhere else or you’re in a hurry. The interviewer may be turned off if he or she notices that you are in a hurry or need to be in somewhere else.

#7 “Sorry I’m so early”

You should not be late and not too early. When you arrive more than five or ten minutes before your meeting, you tend to put immediate pressure on the interviewer to drop whatever he or she may want to deal with you.

#8 “Sorry I’m so late”

You should arrive for your interview in time

#9 “I’m going through a tough time right now”

Interviewers might be sympathetic to someone who is dealing with family issues or is going through a divorce. Even at that, he or she may consider how your personal life will affect your performance on the job.

#10 “Yes, I have a great answer for that?”

If you practiced your answers for some interview questions, you should not give your answers word for word. When you’re expecting a particular question that you have practiced for, it might give you a hard time engaging in a genuine interview.

#11 “I didn’t get along with my boss”

You should not speak negatively about anyone you have worked with in the past, even if your previous manager or boss offended you

#12 “Ugh, my last company ……”

No matter how bad a job was, you should never badmouth a former employer in an interview. You should always keep your tone neutral and positive.

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