6 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality: VR Was Invented Back in the 1950s

Honestly, there are 6 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is one of the most interesting developments of the past few decades or so. While initially, it was something revolutionary, its impact has been much more subtle. Over the years, it has moved on from laboratory and scientific settings to the consumer market.

6 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality

This is because Cox customer service number and other internet accessibility benefits have made it available to a large number of people. In addition, technology has expanded into many fields, such as gaming and education.

6 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality

VR has steadily become an important contributor to multiple sectors. It is not only part of gaming. In fact, it has helped multiple fields make significant strides in accessibility and information. However, many people still don’t know much about VR and how it has developed over the years. It is still considered a futuristic technology, even though it has been quite a while since it hit the tech world. Here are a few facts that can help you understand VR better. 

VR Was Invented Back in the 1950s

While VR may seem like cutting-edge technology, it has actually been around much longer than you’d think. The first example of VR dates as far back as 1956. This system was called the Sensorama and was created by a visionary inventor named Morton Heilig. 

This system incorporated all of the senses and the users could have a ‘realistic’ experience. This was a precursor to modern VR technology, which uses computer technology to create immersive experiences.

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The First VR Game: The Sword of Damocles

Now that VR entered the scientific vocabulary, computer scientist Ivan Sutherland and his students created a game called The Sword of Damocles in 1968. It was one of the first head-mounted VR systems and ushered in a whole new era. This was the first VR video game system and proved to be the blueprint for most modern VR gaming. 

Even now, gaming giants like PlayStation and Nintendo use head-mounted VR systems. Therefore, The Sword of Damocles was an important stage of VR development and resulted in its prevalence in gaming, even now. 

VR & AR are Different From Each Other

Often, you may confuse virtual reality and augmented reality with each other. However, both of them are quite different. VR is an immersive experience where you interact with a simulated world. On the other hand, AR creates an enhanced experience using real-world settings. 

This makes both systems differ from each other. VR is more immersive and requires more equipment. However, AR is something that is even more accessible. You can even use it with your regular smartphone camera. Games like Beat Saber where you need a headset are VR, while games like Pokemon Go are AR. 

VR Scope in Military Training 

As VR lets you practice various tasks in an immersive environment without real consequences, it is perfect for military training. Military systems use VR to recruit and train soldiers in realistic environments. This helps them determine who would do well and how they would react in real combat.

In addition, VR is also used in flight training for commercial as well as military aircraft. Pilots can hone their skills on flight simulators and log in practice hours there. This helps them practice flying without taking any undue risks.

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VR Is Excellent for Tourism

VR is also an excellent technology to incorporate into tourism. You can access sites you can’t visit physically with VR technology. Many museums and historical sites have incorporated this technology to promote their heritage there. 

This is an excellent tool for tourism, especially if there are logistical or legal travel restrictions in place. Therefore, you’ll find many tourist areas implementing VR technology. Often, you can even visit art or history exhibits with VR features. You just put on the headset and will be immersed in the experience.     

VR Also Has Medical Applications

Apart from gaming, military training, and tourism, VR is also quite useful in the medical field. Surgeons can practice various procedures using VR technology, without risking people’s lives and well-being. In addition, VR is also used in conjunction with AI to predict the spread of pandemics among the population or of a disease through the body. 

All of these applications are quite important for research, so VR has a long way to go in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors as well.

To sum up, virtual reality is one of the most important technologies of modern times. It has a wide range of applications, and you should read up on it to get to know more. 

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