7 Ways to Stay Calm During an Interview

Speaking of 7 Ways to Stay Calm During an Interview, Interviews can be incredibly stressful experiences. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job, trying to secure a promotion, or simply trying to make a good impression, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by nerves and anxiety.

7 Ways to Stay Calm During an Interview

However, staying calm and composed during an interview is essential if you want to present your best self and impress your interviewer.

7 Ways to Stay Calm During an Interview

Below are seven ways to stay calm and collected during an interview:

#1 Prepare thoroughly

One of the best ways to stay calm during an interview is to prepare thoroughly. Research the company you’re interviewing with, review the job description and practice answering common interview questions.

By doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll feel more confident and in control during the interview. Additionally, preparing for an interview can help you anticipate potential questions or concerns, allowing you to come up with thoughtful, well-crafted responses in advance.

#2 Visualizing success

A great way to lower anxiety and increase confidence is through visualization. Spend some time before your interview to visualize yourself doing well. Visualize yourself answering questions with ease, coming across well, and ultimately landing the job. This can help you approach the interview with a positive outlook and lessen any negative or self-doubting thoughts.

#3 Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing is a simple but effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Before your interview, take a few minutes to practice deep breathing exercises.

Breathe in deeply through your nose for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, and then exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of four. Repeat this process for several minutes, focusing on your breath and allowing your body to relax.

#4 Use positive self-talk

The way you talk to yourself can have a big impact on your mood and mindset. If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed during an interview, try using positive self-talk to boost your confidence and calm your nerves.

#5 Stay present in the moment

One of the biggest causes of anxiety during an interview is worrying about the future. You may be thinking about how you’ll answer a certain question or how the interview will affect your career prospects.

However, focusing too much on the future can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxious. Instead, try to stay present at the moment. Focus on listening to the interviewer, responding to questions thoughtfully, and being engaged in the conversation. By staying present, you’ll be better able to handle any challenges or unexpected questions that come up.

#6 Take breaks when needed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious during an interview, it’s okay to take a break. Ask for a glass of water, take a deep breath, or excuse yourself for a moment to compose yourself. Taking a short break can help you reset your mindset and reduce any feelings of anxiety or stress.

#7 Practice good self-care

It’s important to practice good self-care in the days leading up to your interview. Get plenty of rest, eat well-balanced meals, and exercise regularly. Taking care of your physical health can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, making it easier to stay calm and focused during an interview.

Staying calm during an interview is essential if you want to make a good impression and land the job. By preparing thoroughly, visualizing success, practicing deep breathing, using positive self-talk, staying present at the moment, taking breaks when needed, and practicing good self-care, you can stay calm and collected during the interview.


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