Arhaus Credit Card is Comenity Bank Card, with exclusive Cardholder Perks. When you make use of the CC, you stand a chance to enjoy every benefit including the rewards that come with the card. Discover all the perks of being a cardholder, find out how to apply for the card, how to create online access, how to log in, pay bills. All in this write-up.

Arhaus Credit Card

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Arhaus Credit Card

This Comenity bank card comes with perks and benefits such as;

  • Cardholders earn $100 in rewards on qualifying purchases for every $1,500 spent with your Arhaus Archarge Credit Card.
  • Offers 6 month Special Financing on purchases of $399 for 6 months made with your Arhaus Archarge Credit Card.
  • Cardholders have the option to choose a longer financing plan
  • Enjoy Convenient online account management
  • Exclusive savings events
  • Free annual fee

The above offer is exclusive to Arhaus Archarge Credit Cardholders enrolled in the Arhaus Rewards program.

Arhaus Credit Card Application

To apply for Arhaus card, do the following

  • Navigate to
  • Tap on the Apply tab
  • On the new page, select Apply Now
  • Fill in your personal information, contact info such as
    First Name
    Last Name
    Middle Initial
    Social Security Number
    Date of Birth
    Email Address
    Home or Mobile Phone
    Alternate Phone Number
    Address 2
    Annual Income
  • Check the box
  • Then submit Your Application

These are the steps to apply for the card online.

How to Activate your Arhaus Credit Card

To activate your card, do the following;

  • Go to the
  • Tap on the Register button from the menu field.
  • Input your credit card account number, zip code, and the last 4 digits of your social security nu
  • Click on the find my account button.

Follow the onscreen prompt to activate your new card.

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How to Log in to your Arhaus Credit Card Account

To log in to your card account, visit arhaus or the Comenity Bank website. The steps below will guide you through;

  • From your browser, go to
  • Click on the “Sign In” widget
  • Fill in your username
  • Remember Me box, when checked, helps to save your Login details for future login.
  • hit on the Sign in button.

If you forgot your account password or username, kindly click on the “Forgot Username / Password?” button.

However, if you don’t have online access yet, follow the steps in the section beneath

How to Sign Up for Arhaus Credit Card Account

To register for online access, do the following

  • Move to
  • Click on the “Sign in’ button
  • Tap on the “Register Now” button.
  • Enter your Credit Card Account Number
  • Enter your ZIP Code or Postal Code
  • provide your Identification type
  • Key in the Last Four Digits of SSN
  • Tap on “Find my account” button.

After successful registration, you can now manage your CC online, pay your bills, and more.

How to Make your Arhaus Credit Card Payment

There are different ways to pay your bills. You can pay your bill online, pay in-store, over the phone, etc. Also, Comenity bank offers an Easy Pay service. This service lets you pay for bills without logging in to your account.

However, to pay your bill via Easypay, do the following

  • Go to the Comenity bank page at
  • Tap on the menu icon
  • Select the Easypay button and provide the following;
    Credit Card Account Number
    ZIP Code or Postal Code
    Identification Type
    Social Security Number (SSN)
    Last Four Digits of SSN
  • Tap on the “Find my account” tab

To log into your account to pay your bill, from the Comenity bank Arhaus card page, select the sign in button. Then fill in your login details and follow the onscreen directives to make your payment.

Arhaus Credit Card Customer Service

Arhaus Archarge Credit Card issuer offers quality customer support. This customer support team helps to tackle issues Surrounding the card, including, providing answers to Cardholder’s questions.

So if you need any form of help or support, please don’t fail to give the customer service team a call.  You can get their support phone number on the back of your card or visit their website

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