If you are looking for new books to read and also looking for new authors, Bookbub got you covered as it was created for this purpose. This website is free to use and you will also find a lot of recommended eBooks in it.


Currently, Bookbub has over 15 million users in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada. All you need to know about this platform including the steps you need to sign up with Bookbub is what you will get in this article.

Brief History of Bookbub

Josh Schanker and Nicholas Ciarelli founded Bookbub in January 2012. This platform raised $3.8 million in a Series A round led by Nextview ventures and founder collective and joined by Avalon Ventures and Bloomberg Beta in May 2014. Also, Bookbub launched in the UK in September 2014.

Bookbub raised seven million dollars in new equity and debt financing from its existing investor in May 2015. It launched an audiobook division called Chipr in 2019 and that same year it was recorded that Bookbub has 120 employees and 15 million subscribers. Its headquarter is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Is Bookbub Free?

Yes, this is because Bookbub is a free service that was created to help you discover books and new authors that you will love. Another interesting fact about this platform is that it provides regular updates about your favorite authors.

Can I Get eBooks on Bookbub?

Yes, this is because this platform work with various major eBook retailers and authors, and from its websites to can get a lot of eBooks.

It also partners with thousands of authors and publishers and with this, it helps promote their books.

How to Sign up with Bookbub

Now that you know about this platform, then you might need the steps on How to Sign up with Bookbub. The steps you need to are also easy but it will be better to follow them according to avoid making mistakes and below are the steps you need

  • Connect your device to an active and stead internet connection to begin
  • Open any of the web browsers you have on your mobile device
  • Visit Bookbub official website or you can click bookbub.com to get to the site
  • Next to sign up provide your email address
  • You will be taken to another page once you are done with the steps above. With this, you have to personalize your experience by choosing the option that best suits you.
  • Click save and continue
  • Next, select the books that you like to read and click save and continue
  • Select the book format that you like that is eBooks, Audiobooks and Print Books and then click Save and continue
  • Select the platform that you like to use to buy your books like Google Play or Amazon Kindles
  • Next, follow at least six of the authors that will be provided
  • Confirm your email address and provide a strong password to continue and complete the process.

These are what we can take you about Bookbub, hope you find it to be helpful. For further information visit their official website.


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