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Civil Service Jobs? Do you wish to work in the civil service Commission in your state? Find out, all you need to know about civil service jobs, in this Write-up. Getting a job in civil services can be a great career for you. Civil service Staffs work under the state, local, and federal governments in order to provide a service to the nation’s citizens. Example of civil service work includes teacher in a government school, Army officer, police officer, etc.

Civil Service Jobs

Civil Service Jobs

Because of the vast amount of services the government offers, you can find a career path that fit your skill set that you will enjoy far into retirement. There are literally thousands of different jobs in the civil service, each requiring a different skill set and different mentality in order to do effectively.

However, the type of civil service work you want to do is up to you, it is all about your career goals and the skill set you want to obtain through a traditional or vocational college, job training program, or apprenticeship.

Different Types of Professions in the civil service

Professions in the civil service can be divided into three overarching categories:

Operational delivery: this Category covers civil servants engaged in delivering services to the public. This is can include case handlers at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Border Force officers at the Home Office (HO) , and prison officers at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

Crossdepartmental specialisms: this category cover role that is needed across all Whitehall departments. Some of these are specialisms required in any large organization, such as finance or human resources.

Departmental specialisms: this category offers expertise in areas that are relevant to specific departments or agencies. It includes tax specialists at HMRC or education inspectors at the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills (Ofsted).

Functions in the civil service

Civil servants undertake a wide variety of functions such as

  • Analyzing policy options
  • Managing government contracts,
  • Providing frontline support to people using public services.

However, for the above functions to be done well, they need to be done by people with the appropriate training and expertise. And for government to operate effectively, it, therefore, requires a workforce with a range of different skill sets.

How to Find Civil Service Jobs Online

In order to truly find job listings and what qualifications you need to get hired for a specific job, you will want to look at current job requirements for the position. You can get your answers by visiting,, local and state government websites, and other job search sites.

However, you can begin your search by looking up broad search terms and then narrow it down by your professional interests. Once you’ve found a job that suit you, develop a plan to get the credentials and education you need to get that job. If you already have the requirements, then proceed to apply.

How to Apply for Civil Service Jobs Online

To apply for Civil Service Job Online do this

  • Launch your browser
  • Type in Civil Service Jobs in the search bar
  • Locate the website with civil service Job Listings and click on it
  • Find the job that suits you, then proceed to apply

After submitting your application, wait for a response.

Who is a civil servant?

A civil servant is someone who works for the government at the local or federal level. Civil servants can work in their local communities, in a state office, or in Washington D.C. Each branch and department of the government employs staff, handles personnel, and determines employee policies independently.

What’s an example of a civil service job?

Examples of civil service jobs include;

  • Postal Worker
  • Teacher (Govt school)
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Police Officer
  • Legislator
  • Army officer.
  • Social workers
  • Judges etc.

What are the top jobs in the civil service?

Best paid civil service jobs are Planning inspection, law, and economics, it has been revealed, in the Cabinet Office’s first-ever published breakdown of salaries.

What do you do in the civil service?

Civil servants undertake a wide variety of activities, such as analyzing policy options, managing government contracts, and providing frontline support to people using public services.

What is the civil service and what role does it serve?

The civil service carries out Government work and delivers public services. Civil servants are permanent employees of departments of state, but they may also work for other public bodies.

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