is the platform to enroll or sign in to your premier credit account. A premier credit card can be downloaded and installed from the Google play store or App store.

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Premier credit cards are unsecured credits card for people who wants to establish or rebuild their credit. Unlike other secured credit cards, it does not require security deposits. The premier credit card has a high-interest rate and other additional fees.

Enroll for a Premier Credit Card

Premier Credit card login

How to Recover forgotten password

If you are still having issues recovering your username/ password contact customer service. Bill Payments

Your main goal for using this card should be to improve your credit score so you can be eligible to take a better credit card with lower fees and a higher credit line. If you get the Premier credit card, your credit line should have increased after several months to enable you to get a better credit card.

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Different fees premier credit collect

To just have an account with premier credit, you are required to pay certain fees like:

  • Program fee: This is charged once when you want to open the account.
  • Annual fee: This is paid annually that is every year and in the first year, you are required to pay a particular amount, and subsequently, your payment reduces. It is deducted from your credit limit, thereby reducing your initial available credit.
  • Monthly fee: Aside from the fees paid annually, you are also required to pay a monthly fee, especially for people with a high credit limit
  • Additional card fee: If you wish to add a partner to your account, you get to pay an extra amount and it is deducted from your available credit.
  • Costly credit limit increase fee: Premier credit increases your limit fee once you are eligible for a credit limit increase that is; after the account has been opened for several months even without your consent. This also brings an additional fee. Although, the fee will be refunded and the credit limit will be reversed if you reject the credit limit increase within some days after the date of the billing statement has been issued.
  • Wire fee transaction: This is the cost per transaction.
  • Express delivery fee: If your card gets lost, stolen, and is needed to be replaced, you pay an express delivery fee.
  • Copying fee: You pay per copy for any document or statement you request for.

Can Money be withdrawn from Premier Bank Credit Card

Money can be withdrawn from the Premier Bank Credit Card once your account is opened,  and your cash advance limit will be deducted from your credit limit.

If you take a cash advance, you are required to pay a cash advance fee. Interest starts accruing immediately you take the cash advance so it is advised to avoid taking cash advances. If your card gets lost, stolen, and is needed to be replaced, you pay an express delivery fee.

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