Cost of Living in Sweden: Alarming Facts About the Cost of Living in Sweden 2021

What’s the Cost of Living In Sweden? Sweden is a  Nordic country in northern Europe. It’s a country with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, with vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains.

Cost of Living in Sweden

Sweden’s eastern capital Stockholm, southwestern Gothenburg, and Malmo, are coastal islands. However, Stockholm city is built on 14 islands, the city has over 50 bridges, a medieval old town, Galma stan, museums, and palaces.

Cost of Living in Sweden

According to Expat Arrivals, the cost of living in the country is a bit high most especially in the capital city- Stockholm. Stockholm is the most expensive place in Sweden, but their salary is a bit higher than those in other parts of the country.

However, in some cities it’s cheaper to live in Stockholm’s suburbs than living in the main city, also the standard of living is just as high.

Cost of Living in Sweden for Family

The major high cost of living in Sweden is house rent prices. The prices increase yearly by about 1%. Due to the high flocking of people into the country for a better life, the country now goes a shortage of accommodation.

Cost of Living in Sweden for Family


There are two types of house rentals. The first-hand rentals and second-hand rentals. First-hand rentals have to do with someone renting from the original owner of the property, while second-hand renting is the act of renting a house from the current renter.

The average monthly cost of a family of four without rent should be around

Stockholm- 34,000 SEK(3900 USD)

For Upsala- 33,000SEK(3,800 USD)

For Gothenburg- 31,500 SEK (1,050 USD)

Cost of Living in Sweden for International Students

Finding out the cost of living in the country is very necessary to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Cost of Living in Sweden for International Students


International Students usually secure a second-hand house, maybe for few months or not up to a year. However, the average cost of living in Sweden for single International students without rent is

Stockholm- 12,000 SEK (1,400)

For Upsala- 9,000 SEK (1’050 USD)

Gothenburg – 9,000 SEK (1050 USD.

Alcohol, Food, and Gas- the sales of drinks in this country is regulated by the government. That is to say, you can get food only at government stores known as Systembolaget.

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