Costco employee login is an online web platform used by Costco workers to check out their daily schedule, and pay stubs and view financial information. Costco is an international retail company which is based in the United States and operates on a warehouse clubs and membership basis. The company was one of the world’s largest retailers of choice and organic groceries, prime beef, and wine with its head office located in Washington.

Costco Employee Login

As a Costco employee, you are provided with access to your Costco pay card, access to pay stubs, tax status, and vacation and sick balances. You also get to enjoy certain benefits as a Costco employee and some of them are;

  • As a Costco employee, you are provided with the right dental, medical and life insurance.
  • You can also control the input of your information
  • Based on the employee’s years of experience with Costco, their vacation and paid time off are generous.

Costco Employee Login

You can sign in either as a current employee or former employee. To sign in as a Current employee;

To sign as a former employee;

If you could not access your account because you entered an incorrect password or username you entered, you just have to get your password or username reset. To reset your password or username;

Costco Customer Service

After going through this article and you’re still having issues with logging into your account, you should contact Costco customer service right away. To contact their customer service;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click “Customer Service”
  • From the drop down menu, select “Costco Customer Service”
  • Scroll down the page and click “Contact Us”
  • Select “Call Us”

You can easily sign in to your Costco Employee account following these steps.