Costco Employee Portal is an online platform for Costco employees, which is managed by Costco Wholesale Corporation. On the Costco employee portal, employees can;

  • Check their payslips
  • Check their pay stubs
  • View career opportunities
  • Check their Payroll processing status
  • Update personal information
  • Check work schedule

From the Costco employee portal, employees can log in to their accounts to view Costco employee benefits.

Costco Employee Portal

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Some of the Costco employee benefits are;

  • You are provided with the right dental, medical and life insurance.
  • You can also control the input of your information
  • Based on the employee’s years of experience with Costco, their vacation and paid time off are generous.

Costco Employee Portal Login

From the Costco employee portal, here are some things you can do;

  • Sign in to your Costco employee account
  • Locate Costco warehouses
  • Register for a Costco employee account
  • Make orders

Here are procedures for some activities that can be carried out on the Costco employee portal;

Costco Employee Account Sign In

To sign as a former employee;

How to Locate Costco Warehouses

Costco Employee Account Registration

  • Visit
  • Click “Register here”
  • Select your county
  • Enter your Employee ID
  • Enter your warehouse or select your most recent hire date
  • Click “Continue” and follow the prompts to register successfully

How to Make Orders on the Costco Employee Portal

Costco Employee Portal Customer Service Number

If you have any questions or need help as regards the Costco employee portal, you might also consider contacting their customer service. To contact their customer service;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click “Customer Service”
  • From the drop down menu, select “Costco Customer Service”
  • Scroll down the page and click “Contact Us”
  • Select “Call Us”

These are the steps to contact Costco employee portal customer service.

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