Credit Card Recurring Payments – How to Set Up or Stop your CC Automatic Payments

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Credit Card Recurring Payments is an automatic charge to a customer’s CC or bank account to pay for goods or services on an ongoing basis. If you’re the type that gets a late fee because a due date skipped your mind this is usually good. It could also be that you were where busy and you couldn’t make the payment.

Credit Card Recurring Payments

To avoid unnecessary drama you can set up a recurring payment. Even if you forgot to pay off your bills, the auto-pay service has your back. Recurring payments can help to streamline your finances, mostly when you focus on other things in your life.

Credit Card Recurring Payments

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A recurring payment after setup is an easy way to pay Off your CC bills. To set up auto-pay for your CC, you need to log into your account, follow the payment guide by selecting the pay tab. Then, from the one-time payment or recurring payment option choose the recurring or auto-pay option and proceed. Making payments using auto-pay makes it very interesting and stress-free. You save yourself the stress of entering your account and making payments.

Benefits of Setting Up Credit Card Auto-pay

Here are the benefits that comes with recurring payments

  • It helps to get your credit card bill paid early
  • It helps you to improve your credit score.
  • Cardholders using auto-pay are free from making late payments.
  • It saves you time and effort.

These are the benefits that comes with the auto-pay service.

How to Setup a Credit Card Recurring Payment

To set p a recurring payment or auto-pay service;

  1. Launch your browser app
  2. Search for the credit card website
  3. On your CC homepage, tap on the login button
  4. Enter your login details.
  5. Click on the “Payment” widget
  6. From the menu, select the option to set up recurring or automatic payments.

Proceed to select the amount you want to be paying monthly and complete the procedure.

Credit Card Recurring Payment Tips

These are tips on how to make a recurring payment

  • Ensure you pay the minimum due. Setting a recurring/automatic payment of due is a good and safety measure especially when you feel you won’t remember to pay your bill.
  • Pay the full balance. This is best if you use your card for routine spending to rack up rewards and you set up an auto-pay for the full balance.
  • You can pay a fixed amount. Setting an auto-pay for a fixed amount larger than your minimum payment can be a good tactic most especially if you’ve racked up a balance, or stopped making purchases on that card. Having a particular amount that leaves your account every month can go a long way to reduce your debt.

Other things you need to do to set up a great auto-pay system

  • Try to always read the fine print which is the auto-pay terms and conditions before jumping into it.
  • Choose the date you want the amount to be deducted from your account.
  • Decide on the amount to pay

The above tips will help you as you set up a credit card auto-pay.

How to Stop Automatic Payments on your Credit Card

The best way to stop a credit card recurring payment is to contact the issuer’s customer service Agents. All you need to do is to get their support phone number online or at the back of your credit card, place a call across and ensure you have your credit card details handy.

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