Step by Step Instructions to Delete your Netflix History – Very effective

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Speaking of “Delete your Netflix History”, are you wondering how to delete your Netflix history? We can’t fault you. Whether you started streaming an awful erotic thriller coincidentally, or you watched a movie that’s embarrassing in a completely different manner, having the flexibility to edit your Netflix history is exceptionally welcome.

Delete your Netflix History
Delete your Netflix History

Deleting your Netflix history is nice from a quality-of-life point of view – a show you might’ve watched once months prior can linger on the landing page, and after a while, you get sick of looking at it. Being ready to curate the Netflix application is fundamental to your enjoyment of using it.

Luckily, it’s currently simple to eliminate things from your ‘Continue Watching’ column – whether you’re watching Netflix through a program, or using the application. Underneath, we’ll talk you through how to delete your Netflix history as succinctly as could really be expected.

Delete your Netflix History

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Removing items from your ‘Continue Watching’ column is extremely simple on Netflix. Just drift over to the movie or show you want to eliminate and search for the cross icon next to the thumbs-down image. You’ll then see an ‘Eliminate from column’ option. Click on this, and Netflix will give you three choices:

  • I like this but don’t want to continue watching
  • I don’t like this
  • Just cleaning up

Select any of them and the icon will be gone from Continue Playing across the entirety of your Netflix applications.

You can do this on the application, too. On mobile, click on the three dots that show up under an item in your Continue Watching line, and simply select ‘eliminate from line’. You’ll get a prompt asking you to confirm, then it’ll be no more.

Instructions to hide your Netflix viewing history from the account page

If that’s not comprehensive enough for you, you can likewise delete watched items from your profile’s history. Just sign in to Netflix using a program, click the ‘Account’ button in the top-right corner from the dropdown menu, look down to Profile and Parental Controls, and click the profile you want to delete from.

Netflix viewing history
Netflix viewing history

Click the ‘Viewing Activity button, and you’ll see a non-insignificant list of things you’ve watched. At the finish of each column, there’s a hidden button that’ll eliminate it from this page.

The most effective method to delete a Netflix profile

Your main Netflix profile cannot be deleted, which is likely because of how account management chips away at the streaming service – but any additional profiles added to your account by friends and family can be.

Simply go to ‘Deal with Profiles’ the point at which you’re signed in via an internet browser, click the edit button over an account, then select the absolute last option which says ‘Delete Profile’.

Would you be able to delete your full Netflix history permanently?

If you’re sick of the suggestions Netflix’s algorithm is feeding you and you want to delete your history permanently, the account management function doesn’t appear to have anything to that effect. Your best bet is to start another Netflix account entirely – but that’s a bit of a drastic step.

You might just want to create another profile within the application entirely, which will give you a new Netflix viewing history. For most individuals, that ought to be sufficient.

Unfortunately, this is the end of this article “Delete your Netflix History”.

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