Des Debit Card is issued by The North Carolina Division of Employment Security. The company provides claimants the option to receive unemployment benefit payments by direct deposit or on a debit card.

Des Debit Card

However, the debit card option is specifically useful for recipients who don’t have bank accounts. The debit cards are cost-efficient, secure, and easy to use for making withdrawals and purchases.

Des Debit Card

In November 2021, The company, N.C. Division of Employment Security (DES) will transition to using the U.S. Bank ReliaCard for all unemployment benefits paid by debit card.

This means that Claimants will no longer receive unemployment benefits on Bank of America debit cards after Nov. 15.

However, you may change your preferred payment method in your DES online account at any time.

Des Debit Card Website/Support Website

Are you Searching for Des debit card website? To find info regarding des debit card Visit, using this link

Or you can visit the support page

Choosing Direct Deposit: At any time, you may change your payment method to direct deposit using the ‘Change Personal Information’ link in your DES online account.

Choosing U.S Bank ReliaCard: Starting from Nov. 15, 2021, all debit card payments will be deposited onto U.S. Bank ReliaCards. Sign In

Do you want to sign in to your NC Des account? Or do you want to sign in to your debit card account? The official Des sign in page is available for members.

To access the login website click on this link

Des Debit Card Activate

If you just received your new Des debit card, you will need to activate it. Cardholders can activate their card online or call the customer service phone number. To get the customer service phone number visit

Des Debit Card App

The N.C. Division of Employment Security(Des) now offers a mobile app for claimants of unemployment benefits! Current claimants can use the NCDES mobile app to do the following:

  • File weekly certifications for benefits.
  • Check claim and payment statuses.
  • View important documents and notifications from NCDES.

The app is available now in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Using Des App

What you need to know about using the app:

To use the app, you must be a current claimant with a DES online account and active claim. When you download the app, you will use your NCDES username and password to sign in to the app.

Take note: you cannot reopen or file a new claim from the app. You will need to access the website through your phone or a computer to perform these actions.

You can use the app to:

  • File your weekly certifications for UI, PEUC or PUA claims. When your certification is complete, you will receive a confirmation code.
  • View your claim status. Status such as claim duration, weekly benefit amount, remaining balance details.
  • Check your payment statuses, such as date and status of payments, amount, and payment method.
  • Access important documents and notifications from NCDES.

However, PDF versions of notices can be accessed by tapping on Documents, in the menu located in the upper-left corner of the screen

Bank of America Des Debit Card Customer Service

If your card is lost or stolen, the Bank of America “Zero Liability” Policy protects you against fraudulent transactions (subject to certain conditions).

Kindly contact the North Carolina DES Debit Card Customer Service Center to report your card lost or stolen and to request a replacement card.  To find the customer service phone number go to their support page at

However, if the card has been used, the bank will issue the replacement card in the amount of the remaining balance.

Furthermore, if the post office is unable to deliver an NC DES Debit Card, it will be returned back to the bank. Therefore, contact the North Carolina DES Debit Card Customer Service Center to update your address information and request a new card be mailed to you.


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