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What is Dollartree Plus?

Dollar Tree Plus – what is it all about? As of 2021 Dollar tree launched a new section at the Dollar Tree store known as Dollar Tree Plus, where customers can find Items higher than $1. However, items in the Dollar Tree Plus sections seem to be around $3.00 and $5.00 price range. To Find out more about the dollartree plus, Dollar tree plus locations or stores near you, read On.

Dollar Tree Plus

Dollar Tree Plus

This brand new dollatree section( dollar tree plus) has been tested in select markets since 2019 and is now available in more than 120 Dollar Tree stores. Although this new section is not yet available online. Ever since the launch, Dollartree has been slowly rolling out in more stores and is now available in over 500 stores.

The company plans to have 1,500 dollar tree plus stores for 2022. And at least 5,000 Dollar Tree Plus stores are expected by the end of fiscal 2024.

However, with the fast rollout, you should expect to see the dollar tree plus section in your nearest dollar tree locations. Another amazing thing is that the company is also planning to add 400 Combo Stores (Family Dollar/Dollar Tree stores) in 2022.

Dollar Tree Plus Stores Selection

The dollar tree plus location has the following selection of items;

  • They have a new selection of home décor items.
  • A section of t-shirts and leggings.
  • Offer a larger section of unfinished wooden items.
  • Start displaying their Christmas items.
  • Offer a large selection of Christmas gift bags

However, the dollar tree store still seems to have all of their usual daily items but seems to have added small sections of the Dollar Tree Plus items in between. I hope this tour of my Dollar Tree has inspired you to go and check yours out.

Dollar Tree Plus Online

A lot of people are wondering if dollar tree plus section has been launched online. If you are one of them, I will like to let you know that the dollar tree plus section is not yet available online. The new section is only available at the local dollar store. So you can visit the selected nearest dollar store, to access this section.

Dollar Tree Plus Near Me Locations

The new dollar tree section (Dollar tree plus) is available in some dollar tree stores. That is to say, dollar tree plus is not yet available in all dollar tree locations. Before you visit any dollar tree location you need to First find out if the new section is available at the dollar store near you. This is very important to avoid being disappointed when you get to the dollar store.

Locating Nearest Dollar Tree Plus Locations

You can visit your nearest dollar tree location to know if this new section is available there. Alternatively use the dollar tree locator to search for a dollar tree store near me.

How to Find Dollartree Locations Near me?

To Find the nearest dollar tree location near you, do the following

  • Navigate to the dollar tree plus website at
  • Tap on the “See directory of all Dollar Tree stores” tab
  • On the new page you will see the list of dollar tree store locations.
  • Select your State, then proceed with the on-screen prompt

These are steps to find a list of Dollartree Locations.

Dollar Tree Plus Stores

Are you wondering if there is a Dollar Tree Plus near you? Finding out the Dollar stores that have the Plus section, is easier with the help of Dollartree online store locator. Once you search for the nearest dollar tree store online, if the plus section is available, you will see the red plus sign. But if you didn’t see the RED Plus sign, know that the new section has not been rolled out in the location.

How to Find Dollar Tree Plus Stores Near Me via the online store locator

To find the Dollartree store nearest to you, do the following;

These are steps to find a dollar tree store near me.

Dollar Tree Customer Service

Do you have a question, concern, comment, or compliment? Visit Dollartree’s customer service page. On the customer service page, find answers to your store questions about credit/debit card transactions, gift cards, coupons, etc.

You can also find answers to your questions related to Family Dollar- find a Family Dollar store near you, or contact Family Dollar to share your questions and comments through the Family Dollar online survey. You can also find answers to help find family dollars near me.

How to access Dollar Tree Customer Service Page

To find customer service page do the following;

If you are wondering What time does dollar tree close? You will find dollar tree hours through this customer service page.

What does Dollar Tree Plus mean?

Dollar Tree Plus is a new section in the dollar tree store. A section that offers products at prices higher than $1 in more than 100  dollar stores.

What’s the difference between Dollar Tree and Dollar Tree Plus?

The difference between dollar tree plus and Dollartree is that dollar tree plus offers Items from $3.00 and $5.00 price range, while Dollar tree does not. And, the plus section is located in the dollar store.

Is Dollar Tree changing its name to Dollar Tree Plus?

No. Dollartree is not changing its name to dollar tree Plus. The plus is just a section in the dollar store.

Where is the largest Dollar Tree located?

The largest dollar tree store is located in Burlington, North Carolina.

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