DPSA Job Vacancies: How to Find and Apply for DPSA Job Vacancies Online

DPSA Job Vacancies: find out the latest department of public service and administrative job vacancies as you read on. DPSA offers professional, productive, and responsive public service and administration. The department establishes norms and standards to make sure that the state machinery functions optimally and that such norms and standards are adhered to. Also, they implement interventions to maintain a compliant and functioning Public Service.

DPSA Job Vacancies

DPSA Job Vacancies

DPSA Promotes ethical public service via programs, systems, frameworks, and structures that detect, prevent, and combat corruption. Also, contribute toward improved public administration in Africa and internationally through dialogue and sharing of best practices.

Public Service Vacancy Circular

This DPSA Circular is, except during December, published on a weekly basis and embedded with the advertisements for vacant posts and jobs in Public Service departments. In as much as the Circular is issued by the Department of Public Service and Administration, the Department is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Inquiries about an advertisement must be addressed to the relevant advertising department.

DPSA Job Vacancy Directions to departments

The contents of this PSV Circular must be brought to the attention of all employees. Not only that, it must be ensured that employees declared in excess are informed of the advertised vacancies. Thus, potential candidates from the excess group must be assisted in applying timeously for vacancies and attending where applicable, interviews.

Furthermore, where vacancies have been identified to promote representativeness, the provisions of sections 15 (affirmative action measures) and 20 (employment equity plan) of the Employment Equity Act, 1998 should be applied.

However, advertisements for such vacancies should state that it is intended to promote representativeness through the filling of the vacancy and that the candidature of persons whose transfer/appointment will promote representativeness, will receive preference.

Lastly, candidates must be assessed and chosen in accordance with the relevant measures that apply to employment in the Public Service.

DPSA Job Application Directions to candidates

All candidates should take note of the following;

  • All applications on form Z83 with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge, and experience (on a separate sheet if necessary or a CV) must be forwarded to the department in which the vacancy/vacancies exist(s).
  • Candidates must indicate the reference number of the vacancy in their applications.
  • Applicants who require additional information regarding an advertised post must direct their inquiries to the department where the vacancy exists. Because the Department of Public Service and Administration(DPSA) must not be approached for such information.
  • It must be ensured that candidates reach the relevant advertising departments on or before the applicable closing dates.

These are what you should know as DPSA Job applicants.

How to Find and Apply for DPSA Job Vacancies Online

To find Department of Public Service and Administration vacancies, do the following;

  • Visit the DPSA website at https://www.dpsa.gov.za/newsroom/psvc/
  • Scroll down the page, you will see the latest PSV circulars section
  • Choose any of the circular
  • On the new page, you will see the posting date
  • Scroll down and click on the name of the department/administration to view vacancies in that particular section

These are steps to find DPSA Job vacancies online.

Latest PSV Circulars

Here are the latest job vacancies on DPSA portal;

  • Circular 34 of 2022
  • Circular 33 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 32 of 2022
  • Circular 31 of 2022
  • Circular 30 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 29 of 2022
  • Circular 28 of 2022
  • Circular 27 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 26 of 2022
  • Circular 25 of 2022
  • Circular 24 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 23 of 2022
  • Circular 22 of 2022
  • Circular 21 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 20 of 2022
  • Circular 19 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 18 of 2022
  • Circular 17 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 16 of 2022
  • Circular 15 of 2022
  • Circular 14 of 2022
  • Dspa Circular 13 of 2022
  • Circular 12 of 2022
  • Circular 11 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 10 of 2022
  • Circular 09 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 8 of 2022
  • Circular 07 of 2022
  • Circular 06 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 5 of 2022
  • DPSA Circular 4 of 2022
  • Circular 03 of 2022
  • Circular 02 of 2022
  • DSPA Circular 01 of 2022

This is a list of public service Vacancies Circular

What about the Z83 application form?

Here are the practice note on the application of the Z83 and other employment matters

  • Old Z83 application form [valid until 31 December 2020]
  • New Z83 application form [effective from 01 January 2021]
  • Editable New Z83 application form [effective from 01 January 2021]

How Do I Find out about SMS pre-entry certificate

To access the SMS pre-entry certificate course and for more details, please click on the following link: https://www.thensg.gov.za/training-course/sms-pre-entry-programme/. For more information about the course please visit the NSG website: https://www.thensg.gov.za.

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