… this is weird, I’m just sort of realizing that Dune hasn’t stricken me as Science Fiction (or rather, what I think of as Sci-fi) per se …. but more like a story about otherworldly civilizations ..

Dune hasn't stricken me as Science Fiction

“a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” premise that takes you to a place and time where the “people” of these stories are the story, the outer space stuff is just the venue.

Dune hasn’t stricken me as Science Fiction – here’s why

I reckon I don’t have a very sophisticated palette since movies such as Moon Zero Two hit me as ~sci fi~ moreso than Dune. Go figure. When you think about it, Dune has very little of the science element(s) found in “sci fi”

… there’s little to no talk about warp drives and lightsabers and transporter devices and pretty much all talk about sociological and political issues found in Dune. There’s little to zip scientific fiction (as it were) found in Dune … not like you’d see in (let’s say) Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.

Dune sort of lands in that same place as “Alien” to me. The movie “Alien” is categorized as sci-fi, but it’s actually a horror movie in space with very little ~science~ in the plot or storyline.

A little bit of background is given to lay the foundation and premise but Alien is a horror story, Dune is a political and sociological struggle … just as Moon Zero Two is a “western in space” rather than sci-fi. The Andromeda Strain is some sci-fi, the focus is on scientific issues, scientific problems with scientific solutions.

The best thing about all of this is that it allows the reader/viewer to make pretty much what they want of it all. Well-written/executed stories are like well-executed and well-written music … the best of it allows the consumer to make what they want out of it.

This was an honest thought of Rex Coil 7 on a forum thread.