ESQUIRE: These are the 10 Best Military Colleges in Georgia 2022

These 10 Best Military Colleges in Georgia have resources to help students find a passion that serves the armed forces. There are few military-only colleges nationwide, but popular institutions offer military benefits to enlisted military members, veterans, and associated family members.

10 Best Military Golleges in Georgia 2022

#1 University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia allows students to enroll in different programs, network with people, and get the education they need. The school has a Corps of Cadets and has also been designated a State Leadership Institution, which is one of six in the United States.

You would learn how to lead in the military or as a civilian during your enrollment. The University of North Georgia has many degree options to consider, both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

#2 Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College is the only traditional military college in the state. This is one of the more adaptable schools in Georgia, offering online and in-person learning. GMC offers different helpful programs that would help students have their dream careers. As regards the military, Georgia Military College has a Corps of Cadets.

#3 Augusta University

Augusta University is not a designated military college, although it offers benefits to help military personnel. Augusta University ensures that all enlisted members, veterans, and military families get the support they need.

At Augusta University, someone in the military may qualify for waived out-of-state tuition or access the HOPE scholarship. Augusta University features both undergraduate and graduates degree options.

#4 University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is one of the most well-known universities in the state, offering several learning opportunities. Although this school is not specifically for military individuals, there are many available resources that can be taken advantage of. Military members can select from diverse fields of study, and also they can access financial aid and scholarships.

#5 Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology ensures that service members and veterans use their experience. With the programs they offer, you can obtain professional certificates to help in service and out of service.

Georgia Institute of Technology military programs are ideal for military spouses, veterans, transitioning service members, and active duty service members. Like many institutions, students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees.

#6 Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University welcomes veterans, military families, and active-duty personnel. They offer a wide range of benefits. Some students qualify for waived fees, while others get scholarship opportunities.

Georgia Southern University has many programs and majors for individuals to select from. With the programs Georgia Southern University offers, active-duty military members can advance their careers while serving, and also veterans can fund a learning pathway that would help them.

#7 Georgia State University

Georgia State University offers benefits to military members or family members of a service member. They connect military students and provide service to help their education, and offer resources to meet the needs of military families. Georgia State University offers various degree options students can choose from. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

#8 Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University has a diverse military community staffed by experienced service members and veterans. Kennesaw State University provides military students with the support they need in their education.

There is also disability counseling, help with job searches, and other off-campus referrals. Students can participate in different degree programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs, in-person or online.

#9 Strayer University

Strayer University provides military members with benefits to help their education. One of the benefits you could receive from Strayer University is the Strayer Military Scholarship. Depending on your training, you could qualify for transfer credits based on life experiences, which is a good approach to reward military students for their real-world skills and knowledge.

#10 Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design provides support for active military members and veterans. The college works with VA to ensure veterans have access to other cost-saving benefits. This college offers multiple degree options, where students can earn both undergraduate and graduate programs.

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