The EZCourtPay portal is an easy online payment of traffic citations and a website for the Court’s hassle-free credit/debit card payments. What is Ezcourtpay? It’s an online payment solution that enables offenders to pay criminal offenses or bad check fines.


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On the platform, a customized set-up is available for Courts and at no cost to Courts. Though a Convenience Fee is added to the payers/cardholder’s fine amount.


The platform comes with lots of amazing features such as;

  1. Pay online through Court’s webpage for a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate
  2. A convenient online initial filing of dispossessory, statement of claim, garnishment, or answer
  3. Easy online payment of county ordinance/criminal offense and bad check fines.

Moreover, to learn more about the payment website and how to pay for your tickets, ensure you read through till the end.

EZCourtPay – Traffic Tickets

The website is the online traffic citation Payment Solution. With this platform, Expect quality service, Save time and money, and Customize and secure World-class support and customer service.

Also, there’s no cost to the court, no risk, no chargebacks, and all payments are guaranteed.

It has a custom interface with any software vendor, convenient options for offenders to pay, professional Call Center with a toll-free number.

Furthermore, Mobile Friendly payments and SMS text are conveniently available on the platform

Pay Traffic Tickets Online with

To make payment with ezcourtpay follow the steps below;

  • Kindly visit the ezcourtpay page,
  • On the homepage, provide the required details such as,
  • Date of birth, Citation number, or last name
  • Then tap on the ‘Search’ button.

EZCourtPay Mobile Payment

If you want to pay by mobile

  • Go to
  • Go to the search box and enter your Date of birth, citation number, or last name
  • Hit on, the ‘Search’ button.

Follow the onscreen directives to complete the payment

EZcourtpay Georgia – Pay Georgia Speeding Ticket

Do you want to pay for your Georgia speeding ticket? Visit this page

However, you will be redirected to ezcourtpay website. Where you search with your name, birth date, and or citation number to locate and pay your citation.

Ezcourtpay Customer Service Phone Number

Searching for ezcourtpay customer service phone number? For support or assistance kindly visit their official website to get their phone number. To visit ezcourtpay page click on this link

FeePayOnline Credit/Debit Card – Payment Solution

Feepayonline is a private website where Courts/Cities/Counties can take credit/debit card payments.

  1. It is easy to navigate. There’s no cost, risk, chargebacks, and no software to install.
  2. You can create a Customized drop-down. And also set up for users’ convenience.
  3. Top-notch customer service
  4. Swipe card reader option
  5. Get paid daily or weekly by direct electronic funds transfer.
  6. A convenience fee is automatically added to the payment amount which is absorbed by the cardholder.

Efile Georgia-Magistrate

Attorneys, Agents, Plaintiffs file faster, easier, and more economically.

A court filing solution that streamlines communication, reduces data entry, cuts down on foot traffic, and saves time and money.

It works with any court software, at no cost to the court. On this platform, Filer can attach supporting case documentation. Another interesting feature is that you get to store contact and payment information on a secure online account.

Magistrate Payment-Online

Pay Criminal Offense or Bad Check Fines Online, the procedure is super, easy, fast, convenient, and secure. A perfect online payment solution that enables offenders to pay criminal offenses or bad check fines.

Features the following:

  1. Customized set-up available for Courts
  2. No cost to Courts, No Risk, and No chargebacks.
  3. Quality customer service
  4. A professional Call Center with a toll-free number.

EZ Certificates – Certified Copy

You can order and pay for a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate online from participating courts. It is very fast, easy, flexible, convenient, and secure. Nominal Convenience Fee is added to the cardholder’s cost of a certified copy.

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