If you are just set to get your business down to a potential audience, then a Facebook Business Page is just what you need! There are so many existing pages on this social network.

Facebook Business Page

One business owner, company, brand, or the other has been using these pages to get hold of potential audiences. And if you’ve also got a business, you just shouldn’t be left out on this one. This page should be a great opportunity for you to get full-time awareness of your business.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is a free chance for businesses to increase their awareness and even generate sales right on Facebook. To get this page, you simply need a Facebook account.

So, if you own a business, you should note that having this page helps you reach individuals from the billions of people who are users on this social network. Your interaction and communication on this social network give the audience the sense that they know you and your brand. This actually helps to increase brand loyalty and trustworthiness.

On Facebook, you can easily use this page for several different activities. Each of these activities that you engage in helps to promote your business, its products, and the services that you offer.

Once you get your page, you could run contents and promotions, manage your online shop, advertise for free through posts and engage in paid advertising. With all these, you should get to know how important this feature is for you and your business.

Create a Business Facebook Page

Still on the process of how to get your Facebook Business Page, you should get to know how it works. What do you actually do once you get this page? It serves as a place where you get to post your business, products, and services.

Here, you get the status update box just like you do on your normal timeline. From here, you get to post text status updates, photos, and even videos; all of which convey messages about your business or whatever you want on the page.

Now, you may begin to wonder who gets to see the things you post on this page, right? The potential reach of this page is actually huge, as half of its followers log in every single day. Did someone just say “followers”? Yes! In this case, you have to invite friends to like and follow your page. This will help them get your updates on their news feeds.

Facebook studies show how these Facebook users get to interact with their favorite brands, businesses, or vendors on the social network. Now, it is even possible for people outside Facebook to see your page because search engines do index it.

Facebook Pages for Business

Apart from making posts using texts, photos, and videos on this page, there are other kinds of stuff you could do. You could advertise through this page! Isn’t that amazing?

Just as you can get this page for free and even use it to promote for free, there is just no doubt that paid advertising plays a huge role in our businesses.

Using this page, you can run real-time advertisements that would help people take action on your business.

Just in a few and easy clicks, you are able to get this page right away. As long as you’ve got a Facebook account, you are just good to go. Let’s move on, as we get your business or professional page up and running.

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

Here, you will discover the steps to help you get a business page on FB right away!

  • Log in to an active Facebook account.
  • Using the app, tap on the three horizontal lines and scroll down to click on “Pages”.
  • On the Facebook web, tap on the “Create” button at the top of your news feed. From the drop-down menu, tap on “Page”.
  • Select the Page category by hitting on the “Get Started” button below the option.
  • Next, you have to fill in your business information.
  • Upload a profile picture and cover photo for the page. This should be a business branding photo.
  • Now, you have to invite people to like your page.
  • After that, you could add additional business information.
  • Add an action button to your page. This is the action you want your audience to take. They include; Message, Shop, Contact You, Learn More, Download, and others.

Now, you can market yourself by being active and posting regularly about your business updates, products on sale, or the services that you offer.