Facebook Chop hand is a game on the platform that you can play for free. With the quarantine taking place, you are most likely not to come across interesting posts from your friends in News Feed anymore, but the gaming feature on the platform.

Facebook Chop Hand

You can also play games and stay entertained. There are plenty of games you can choose from on the platform from different categories such as role-playing, card, strategy, racing, and many others.

The games are simple and free for every user to play, however, a Facebook profile is needed to access and play the games on the platform.

Facebook Chop Hand

The chop-hand tournament on Facebook is played by lots of active users. It is simple, interesting, and quite addictive once you start playing with it. Facebook chop hand games can be played with friends and family who are equally using the platform.

Playing Facebook games is a way to get rid of boredom. I mean who wouldn’t get bored of scrolling through their Newsfeed and seeing the same every day? Of course, being a platform that puts its users first, came up with the idea of adding a gaming center, where users can play games and never get bored.

Trust me you will get bored with the tins of interesting games on the platform to play. Facebook Chop hand is one of my favorite games to play on the platform. It is challenging and exciting. The more you play, the more you would want to know what will happen next.

How to Access Facebook Chop Hand

Once your profile is loaded on the device, you can easily play the chop hand game. All you need to do is to locate it. Mind you, the game can be played on Facebook or in a standalone app known as the Facebook Game room.

The Game room is free for anyone to download. Chop hand games on Facebook can be played on the app or desktop interface. You can download the Facebook Game room standalone app into your device directly on Facebook.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Chop Hand Game

The game is simple to play but quite challenging and addictive. Follow the procedures below to get started;

  • Go to Facebook and log in to your account
  • On your account page, locate the Gaming center.
  • If you’re using the web interface, click on “See More” and select the “Games” icon at the left side column. Then on the app, tap on the menu icon and select Gaming from the options there.
  • Then scroll through the games or search for the game using the search bar.
  • From the search result, select the game to load.
  • Hit on Start playing to start.

You can play with your friends and it is free.