Facebook Dating On Desktop – How to Access (Activate) Facebook Dating On My Computer

Facebook Dating on Desktop is one of the trending searches on the internet currently. Most Singles on Facebook want to be on the Facebook dating platform. Looking at it, accessing FB dating on a desktop appears more convenient for some users.

Facebook Dating On Desktop

However, if you’re looking forward to accessing facebook dating on your desktop, computer or PC, this article will be very helpful to you.

Facebook dating is currently a fast-growing platform, though some people have not yet heard about it. Or maybe some have heard the name “Facebook dating” and are mistaking it for dating on the Normal Facebook platform.

Dating on the normal Fb account is different from the Facebook Dating platform. Find out more about the platform in the next section.

Facebook Dating On Desktop

Facebook Dating is one of the new features available on normal Facebook. The feature is located within the General Facebook account. However, unlike the normal Fb account, the Fb dating feature is not currently available in all countries.

If the feature is not currently available in your country, the Facebook dating Icon will not appear on your Facebook homepage.

2022 Facebook Dating On Desktop

Searching for 2022 Facebook dating on Desktop? Find out how to sign up for a Facebook account using a desktop device.

  • Switch on your desktop device
  • Go to your Desktop browser
  • Type in facebook.com
  • If you don’t have a Facebook account, tap on the sign up widget
  • Fill in your details such as name, email address, password, country, etc.
  • Create your Username
  • Upload a photo and Fill in your account profile
  • Follow the prompt on the screen to complete the registration process.

After registering your account. You can now sign in anytime. If you didn’t find the FB dating tab, kindly download the Facebook app to access the dating platform.

How to Access (Activate) Facebook Dating On My Computer

Do you want to activate the FB dating feature on your computer? If yes, find out if the feature is available for computer users, below;

  • Navigate to your computer
  • Scroll to your computer browser
  • Go to the Facebook page at facebook.com
  • Log in to your Fb account. If you don’t have an account, click the sign up button and follow the onscreen prompts.

On the homepage, you should see the Heart icon (Facebook dating) if you didn’t see the icon, just know that the feature is not yet available.

Is Facebook Dating Available On PC

Is facebook dating on PC? A lot of people find chatting via PC more fun and enjoyable. That’s why many would prefer to access the feature on their PC device. But the question here is, “is facebook dating available on PC?” it seems like the feature is currently not available for PC users.

But if you really want to be part of Facebook dating using your PC. You can do that by joining dating groups on Facebook.

To find dating groups, log in to your FB account using your PC. Go to the search tool and search for “Facebook dating, groups” you will see a list of relationships/dating groups. Kindly send your request and then wait for a response.

Why Can’t I See Facebook Dating On My Computer?

Have you searched all through your Facebook homepage, but still can’t find the Facebook dating Icon? Before providing the answer to your question, there are basic things you should know. The Facebook dating feature is currently not available in all locations around the world. So if the feature is not available in your country, there’s no way you could see it.

How do I check if FB dating is Available in My Country?

To check If the feature is available in your country do the following

Login to your Facebook account. Then on the homepage, search for the Facebook dating tab at the top of the screen. It looks more like a heart icon. Or go to settings and see if you will find the dating tab.

If you see the tab it means the feature is available in your location. If you can’t see it then it’s not available in your country. However, there are other reasons why you won’t see the FB dating tab. Read the section below

Why Is Facebook Dating Not Showing Up?

To access the FB dating platform is very easy once you have Facebook account plus an internet connection. Also if the feature is available in your country and you’re above 18years you’re good to go. So if Facebook dating is not showing, the following might be the reasons;

  • You are below 18 years of age
  • The feature is not available in your country
  • Your browser is not updated

If these three factors are in place, you will definitely access the platform.

Facebook Dating countries

Scrolling through the internet yesterday I discovered most people are eager to know if the Facebook dating feature is available in their countries. Here are the questions I stumbled on;

  • Is Facebook dating available in China?
  • Is Facebook Dating available in Australia?
  • Facebook Dating is it available in Germany?
  • Is Facebook Dating available in India?
  • Asia countries with Facebook Dating?
  • Is Facebook Dating available in Taiwan?
  • Is Facebook dating available in Japan?

To answer the above questions, we decided to make a list of FB dating available countries.

List of Facebook Dating Available Countries

Here is the list of countries Facebook dating is currently available.

  • USA.
  • Canada.
  • Ecuador.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Brazil.
  • Argentina.
  • Bolivia.
  • Guyana.
  • Laos.
  • Mexico.
  • Malaysia.
  • Peru.
  • Paraguay.
  • Singapore.
  • The Philippines.
  • Uruguay.
  • Thailand.
  • Vietnam.
  • Singapore.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Estonia.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Greece.
  • Croatia.
  • Hungary.
  • Ireland.
  • Italy.
  • Lithuania.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Latvia.
  • Malta.
  • Netherlands.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • Romania.
  • Sweden.
  • Slovenia.
  • Slovakia.
  • Iceland.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Norway.
  • Spain.
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom.

The above are countries for which the FB dating feature is available. If you didn’t find a country on the list, there’s nothing to worry about. I believe the feature is still rolling out, it may get to your country someday.

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