Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat – No. 15 works like a charm

Are you looking Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat? Even after being matched via Facebook dating, you still might start a conversation in an awkward way. This is why we compiled this article. With these openers, you will never lose your vibe with a potential date.

Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat
Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat

Truth be told, your Facebook dating opening speech plays an important role. This can determine if both of you end up dating or not talking to each other. Being matched with someone doesn’t just cut it anymore as you can also be matched with several other people.

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Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat – No. 15 works like a charm

Here are some of the best Facebook Dating Openers to Begin your Chat.

  1. What kind of dancing are you into?

  2. What kind of research do you conduct?

  3. Hi there What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever been sent?

  4. Cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian?

  5. What is the best places you have gone to?

  6. can I ask you why you swipe right?

  7. Hi there my doctor told me I am lacking vitamin U, could you help me?

  8. What are the GIF that best describes you and why?

  9. What is your star sign?

  10. I think my stars just aligned with yours.

  11. Hello Dear!

  12. How hard is it to get a date here?

  13. Hi dear. You are a little bit older/younger than I am but your about me is breathtaking and I have fallen madly in love with you.

  14. Your favorite roommate of all time?

  15. What’s your favorite spot you have been doing?

  16. If you have 48 hours left on earth what would you do?

  17. Now that we have been matched does this mean we have to update our Facebook status as dating?

  18. Wanna go on a bioluminescence kayaking trip with me?

  19. DC or Marvel?

  20. The best book you have ever read?

  21. Who has the best meal deal between Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Boots?

  22. Hey dear welcome to Facebook dating I am your host.

  23. You really look super sweet we should just skip to romancing the hell out of each other.

  24. You Wanna go to Greggs?

  25. What’s your go-to meal deal?

  26. Can you tell me what it really takes to be a professor of dating Science?

  27. I just finished watching squid games I really loved it have you seen it?

  28. I promise to cook you dinner if you promise to cook me breakfast.

  29. Come be my student loan so that I can have you around for the rest of my life.

  30. The way your profile looks so detailed do you work at Facebook dating app testing?

  31. If you could travel to one place and never come back in the world where would you go?

  32. What is the word you like saying most?

  33. Hey wow you are no doubt the most beautiful girl i have seen around here.

  34. If you could become any animal for a day what animal would you pick?

  35. Can you describe yourself with five emoji?

  36. Do you have a dog?

  37. I have a low battery and I am using it to message you I hope I Choose Wisely?

  38. Hi GIRL’S NAME, how are you today? I am YOUR NAME wanna play?

  39. Hi GIRL’S NAME, you have incredible eyes, I can stare at you for a day without thinking twice.

  40. Hey there… How are you?  You are really So beautiful and attractive and I know if you attract tons of messages.

  41. Your eyes look so familiar I could swear I have seen you somewhere before.

  42. Blonde hair with blue eyes… Aren’t you the society’s perfect picture of a very pretty girl?

  43. What is one thing you don’t really like?

  44. You are so pretty! You need to drop out of school and start a modeling career.

  45. Hi, my name is YOUR NAME! I just want to let you know you are the most beautiful person I’ve seen in a while.

  46. Hey! My name is YOUR NAME I noticed that we have a lot in common just by reading your profile.


While you may have seen some dating openers, it is important you acknowledge the fact the these openers can be customized personally. What this means to say is that you do not have to send the messages as they appear.

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