Facebook Word Blitz? Yes, Facebook has games you can play and one of these games are Word Blitz. Facebook has you might have already known is not just a platform for sharing and interacting, you can play games too.

Facebook Word Blitz

With the games on the platform to play, you don’t just go there to scroll newsfeed and people’s timelines, you can invite friends to play awesome games with you. If you are a fan of word games, then trust me, you surely will love this game.

Facebook Word Blitz

Facebook Word Blitz is a game that is similar to Words with Friends, if you are a fan of Word games, then you will like this one.

Word blitz on Facebook is a game you will enjoy playing and won’t want to stop. Also, you might find out that many of your friends are already playing the game.

The game is already being played by more than 4 million users on the platform. What are you waiting for before you start playing?

It is quite addictive, educative, and fun to play. Oh, above all, it is free. You don’t need to download the game app on your device before playing it. However, you need a Facebook account to play the game. If you already have one, simply sign in.

How to Play Word Blitz on Facebook (Mobile)

  • If you don’t have the Facebook app, install it from the App Store on your device. It is actually free. Then login or create an account.
  • Once your account is loaded, head to the menu options and select “Gaming” from there.
  • Tap on “Play Games” or search for the game by typing in Word Blitz.
  • Once the result is shown, tap on it and it will be launched on the device for you to play.

How to Play Word Blitz on Facebook (Desktop)

  • Use your internet browser and go to facebook.com
  • Login or simply create an account which is fast, free, and simple to do.
  • Once the account is loaded, On the menu section on your left side, click on “See More”.
  • Use the search and enter Word Blitz and will be shown immediately if your data connection is good.
  • Click on the game once it is shown and it will be loaded for you to play.

Once the game is loaded on your device, you can start playing it. Simple, Yeah? Go on to Facebook and start playing your newest favorite game.

How do you get a high score on Word Blitz?

Getting a high score is pretty much simpler than you think. You just got to give it your best and you will find yourself beating new high scores every day. With this, you can be the best in your country. Also, don’t forget to add a little dictionary reading. It’ll help you find new words and their spellings. Best of luck out there.