Get Paid To Move To Italy 2022 Application – Apply for an Application to Move to Calabria Italy and Get Paid

Do you want to Get Paid To Move To Italy 2022 Application? Italy is trying to inspire people to move over there, by paying some amount of money to people who relocated. However, the offer is coming from southern Italy, a beautiful region of Calabria. The region seeing how its population reduced tried to spring it up by inviting people to leave there.

Get Paid To Move To Italy 2022 Application

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The region is giving new residents cold hard cash totaling €28,000 (about $33,000). The money offer would be paid within three years of movement and resettlement. It sounds interesting, right? But there are basic requirements you must meet to partake in the program.

Get Paid To Move To Italy 2022 Application

To get the funds from Calabria, you must promise to open a small business or take a specific professional job.

These small villages want an infusion of youth, so it’s limited to new residents aged 40 and younger. So it’s not just anyone that can move there. Additionally, if you get accepted into the program, you must move within 90 days.

How to Apply for an Application to Move to Calabria Italy and get Paid?

The first step to take is to apply for Visa and temporary residence permit to move to any of the villages that are paying. Here is a link to apply for a visa to Calabria Italy

When you receive your Visa and move over to the place, Then, you can start a business and get paid.

Take note of this: The newer residents must be below 40 years of age and should be ready to relocate within 90 days of their application approval.

Italy Immigration Requirements 2022

The following requirements are drawn from the 2021 requirements. Here are the documents required for non-EU citizens seeking a permanent residence permit:

  • Get a criminal record status issued by the police department
  • Get the application form from the Italian authorities.
  • Must have proof of having work and means of living in the form of bank statements, tax returns, employer-issued payslips.
  • Proof of legal address in the form of the rental contract or recent utility bill.
  • Present the registration certificate issued by the local police when the individual entered Italy for the first time.
  • Have a temporary residence permit proving that the individual has lived at least for 5 years in Italy.

These are documents you need to have to participate in the program.

Some of the FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions

Q: Is a village in Italy paying to move their application?

Yes, some small villages are paying to move to Italy.

Q: Can I immigrate to Italy?

The answer is Yes. You can immigrate to Italy by asking your employer to present a proposal for a residence contract to the One-Stop-Shop for immigration.

Q: How easy is it to move to Italy?

It is fairly easy to move to Italy. Mostly for skilled workers who can request their employers to present a residence contract proposal and then get a visa. And within 8 days of entering Italy, you must apply for a temporary residence permit.

What are the Perks of Moving In Calabria, Italy:

Reports have it that as much as 24.75 lakhs will be provided to the residents by the government of Italy. And, this will be for a total of three years.

Also, the region has breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. A perfect place for sightseeing. Anyone would fall in love with the Calabria. Additionally, the monuments of Calabria and buildings are historic and truly a sight for sore eyes.

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  1. Hi i m a Civil Engineer,Auto CAD Opreater and I have more Computer Skills and I also have skills How to Manage Skilled Labor.i am 31 years old and want to Come Italy Calabria mad start some Business.

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