Gianteaglelistens Customer Survey at

Gianteaglelistens is a survey carried out by Giant Eagles to help improve their services towards customer satisfaction. To help continue serving its customers well and also improve their customers, they came up with the Gianteaglelistens survey which is a means to get their customer’s reviews.


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Giant Eagle which is one of the largest grocery retailers in the Northeastern United States offers freshly prepared food, full-service meat, bakery items, and non-foods assortments.

Basic Requirements to participate in survey

There are some conditions to meet for you to take part in the Giant Eagle survey;

  • Participants must legal residents of the United States
  • The participant must be 18 years and above.
  • The participant must have a valid receipt from Giant Eagle
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish language
  • An active internet connection

A valid receipt is one that is not older than 7 days and has a survey code on it.


Giant eagle listens survey is a way to get reviews from Giant Eagle customers which would help Giant Eagle make shopping more convenient, rewarding, and enjoyable. Giant eagle listens survey is aimed at getting Giant eagle’s customer feedback from their experiences.

How to partake in the Gianteaglelistens com survey

To participate in the Giant Eagle survey,

  • Go to
  • On the Giant eagle survey page, enter the survey code
  • If you entered the correct code, you would be allowed to continue with the survey and leave your feedback, and if not it would display an invalid code.
  • Click on the start button, you would be allowed to go ahead and answer the questions Giant eagle has for you about the grocery.
  • Make sure you are honest with your feedback

Upon completion of Giant eagle listens, you will be required to fill in your contact information and you would also receive your bonus code.

Why should I participate in the www giant eagle listens?

The Giant eagle listens survey helps Giant Eagle to check out and improve their services and products to ensure maximized customer satisfaction.

Where do I enter the Giant Eagle survey code?

You enter the code generated from the receipt in the space provided on the website for the Giant Eagle survey.

What are the requirements to take part in the curbside listens?

To take part in the survey, you must have the Giant Eagle receipt at hand which must not be more than 7 days old, you must be 18 years old and other requirements are also mentioned in the article.

For how long is my Giant Eagle survey validation code valid?

It is valid for 30 days within the completion of the Giant Eagle survey. You must ensure you claim your rewards as failure to do so, you will not be rewarded.

What is my entry limit?

You are allowed to take the Giant Eagle survey only once meaning the receipt can only be used once for the survey.

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