Housemaid Jobs In USA With Free Visa and Ticket

Housemaid Jobs in USA With Free Visa and Ticket. Are you Searching for a housemaid job with free visa Sponsorship and ticket? Most US Employers hire an international candidates based on their skills in housekeeping.

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And because of the extremely busy lives and long working hours that people spend outside, it is virtually impossible to handle housework efficiently. Which is one of the reasons housemaids/housekeepers are needed.

Housemaid Jobs In USA With Free Visa and Ticket

Housemaids/Housekeepers are specifically employed to provide assistance in handling household chores such as washing, cleaning, cooking, and even childcare at times.

Furthermore, the duties of a housemaid cannot be undermined as the person is responsible for taking off a huge chunk of household-related stress from busy homeowners.

Who is a Housemaid in the US?

A Housemaid is someone whose role takes care of the home, through cleaning, sweeping, and helping with other house chores like cooking. A housekeeper does any combination of cleaning duties to maintain private households in a clean and orderly manner.

Housemaid Job Scope

Housemaids may be employed via a company or in a personal capacity. Since different people have different needs, a housemaid’s specific responsibilities and duties can only be explained at the time of employment.

However, some people prefer to employ housemaids who can live with them so that their work hours are not too defined – many live-in housemaids are considered part of the family and can enjoy comfortable arrangements.

In larger houses, a housemaid may be supervised by a housekeeper; in smaller households, housemaids are usually not supervised.

What Are The Duties And Responsibility of a Housemaid?

When you apply for a job as a housemaid, it is recommended that you know the roles and responsibilities that may be entrusted to you as a housemaid. The duty of a Housemaid includes

  • To clean and to also report any safety hazards to the homeowner or manager in charge.
  • Making beds
  • Cooking (in some cases)
  • Running an errand
  • Washing
  • Clean the bathrooms and toilets
  • Take care of the children
  • Go to the market or store
  • Cleaning rooms and halls
  • Vacuuming

These are some of the duties of a Housemaid

What is Job Free Visa and Ticket for Housemaid?

Employment free Visa and ticket and when an employer is willing to obtain a work visa for a candidate who lives outside the United State. However, you don’t apply for a free visa to get a job in the US, rather you apply for a job, when you get the job, then your employer will take up the visa Sponsorship responsibility.

Finding Housemaid Job in the United States With Free Visa Sponsorship

There are different online platforms, where you can find job listings for housemaids in the US. Such platforms include the online us job website,, Linkedin, etc. Alternatively, you can also find house maid jobs through radio, family, friends, visiting homes, etc.

How to Apply for Housemaid Job in USA with FreeVisa Sponsorship And Ticket

To apply for house maid jobs visa sponsorship you have to follow the steps below

  • Go to indeed or any US job search website
  • Find the House maid Job that suit you, apply for it and wait for the employer to access your document

If you’re successful, you will receive a job offer from US Employer.

What Happens After Receiving A US Job Offer?

The US Employer will have to file a job petition to the USICS and US labor market institute for certification. After petitioning, the next thing is to apply for a work visa. Further, you apply for a visa with the job offer letter sent to you in your name.

Housemaid Jobs In USA With Free Visa and Ticket

Different Types of  US Employment Visa 2022

Here are the types of work visas in the US

  • E-1/2/3 best for Traders
  • E-2 best for Investors
  • The E-3 best for Special occupation professionals from Australia
  • H-1B best for Special occupation professionals
  • H-1C best for Registered nurses
  • The H-2A/B best for Agricultural workers
  • H-2B best for Non-agricultural workers (hotel, food service, etc.)
  • H-3 best for Non-immigrant trainees
  • I best for Foreign media representatives
  • L-1A/B best for Intra-company transferees
  • O best for Individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements
  • P-1A best for Internationally recognized athletes
  • The P-1B best for Entertainment groups
  • P-2 Best for Performers performing under a reciprocal exchange program and
  • P-3 best for Artists that are part of a culturally unique program
  • Q: best visas for cultural exchange
  • TN NAFTA best Visas for Canadian and Mexican professionals

Among the above Employment Visas, the Most Popular US Visa type is the H1B Visa

H1B Visa Housemaid Job In USA

H-1B type visa is the most popular work visa in the US. The H1 visa is a temporary visa category that allows employers to petition for foreign professionals to work in specialty occupations. However, a variety of occupations can apply for this visa.

How much are Housemaid paid in the USA?

In the United States of America (USA), housemaids are paid a median salary of around $26,220. Thus, the best-paid 25% made around $31,320 per year, while the lowest-paid 25 paid 25 percent made $22,230.

How much is a cleaner Paid per Hour in the US?

A cleaner can be paid anywhere beginning from $19 to $20 per hour in the US. Moreover, their other benefits they can get, and they are given an opportunity to leave comfortably in most homes.

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