How do I Activate Facebook dating on my computer – What is Facebook Dating

Are you one of the individuals who can’t help but wonder, How do I Activate Facebook dating on my computer? If yes then definitely you are on the right page. You see, a few minutes ago this was my exact thought. After some research though I found out how you can with ease use the dating feature on Facebook on your computer or desktop.

How do I Activate Facebook dating on my computer

How do I Activate Facebook dating on my computer?

This is quite simple, honestly. While Facebook is only (for now) officially available for Android and iOS, there is a way around it.

  • First, get your pc and download BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks here
  • Once BlueStacks is downloaded and installed, open the app store and search for Facebook
  • Tap on the Facebook app and install it on the software
  • Now open Facebook on the software and log in to your account
  • Tap on the menu icon and then on the dating icon
  • Create a dating profile when prompted and you’re good to go

Following the steps above accordingly, you just accessed Facebook dating on your computer.

What is Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is one of the best and fast-growing dating apps in the world today. Though it hasn’t been released to all parts of the world yet (Facebook is working on it), it still is available to a great many and has ushered some of them into healthy, peaceful, and long-lasting relationships.

Honestly, if you aren’t making use of this dating feature, you are missing out on a lot. What’s more interesting is that the platform is entirely free. Yeah, you heard it that right. There isn’t any membership plan (yet) you can purchase for extra perks. This way, everyone gets a fair share of the dating feature.

We do hope we’ve been able to convince you to make the first step and find the relationship you deserve. Best of luck!

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