How to Activate Aldi Sim Card via the Website & Mobile App

Do you just receive your Aldi sim card and you can’t find the right steps to activate it? Activating your Aldi sim card can be very simple and can be done within some minutes. However, you need to know that before you can activate the sim card you need two (2) which are your starter park and your ID. once you are able to provide them you won’t have a problem activating them so that you can start making use of it to contact your family & friends.

How to Activate Aldi Sim Card via the Website & Mobile App

How do I Activate My Aldi Sim Card?

To activate your Aldi sim card follow the steps.

  • With a stable internet-connected device, go to your web browser
  • Visit
  • On the homepage enter your “Sim card Number” in the space provided
  • Fill in your “PUK2” in the second field
  • Scroll down and click on “Start Registration”

Follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Activate My Aldi Sim via the Mobile App

  • Visit the app store or Google store
  • Click on the search bar and enter “ALDI TALK”
  • Click on the “Install” icon and wait for a few minutes to successfully download the app
  • Launch the app
  • Enter your needed information

How Long Does it Take to Activate an Aldi SIM Card?

It takes up one (1) hour to activate the Aldi sim card. But sometimes the waiting period might be longer and you can end up waiting for 4 hours.

How do I Activate my SIM Card Activation?

To activate your sim card activation just the new sim into your mobile phone and switch it on. The activation key shown when the phone is on is what will be used in activating your new sim. A valid identity card might also be needed.

Where do I Find My Aldi SIM Activation Code?

You can find your activation code on the plastic blister pack or sim pack.

Why is my Aldi SIM not Working?

It might not be working because you have not reset your network settings. so if you have a new Aldi sim and it not working restart your phone to fix and reset the network settings.

How do I Register My SIM by Myself?

You can register your sim all by yourself by simply following the steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter your Sim card number in the first space
  • Fill in the “PUK2” in the provided field
  • Click on the Start Registration then follow the steps to activate it successfully.

Who is the Carrier for ALDImobile?

Telstra is the carrier of ALDImobile. The mobile makes carry 3G and 4G networks to provide its users with phone and data services. Telstra is also a carrier to other hosts like Boost Mobile, TeleChoice etc.

Where is the Activation Key on a SIM?

The activation key is usually located on the back of the sim or sim pack. it contains ten (10) numbers and you can check the back of your sim starter pack for it.

How do I Activate my Aldi SIM Card in Australia?

If you are from Australia and you can register your Aldi sim card it is very easy.

  • Navigate to the Aldi website with a good internet connection
  • On the homepage click on “Activate my SIM”
  • Scroll down and enter your “Activation code from starter park”
  • Select the option from the second field
  • Click on “Next”

Adhere to the rules.

How do I Find my SIM Registration Code?

You can find it when you are sent a code through SMS then you enter the code on the website when activating to confirm.

What Phones Can Use Aldi SIM?

The Aldi sim can be used on any mobile device but it has to be 3G 850MHz frequency. Even if you are making use of a 4G mobile device it has to be compactable with ALDImobile 3G frequency. This is because 3G can be used to make calls but VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is not supported.

How do I Activate MMS on ALDImobile?

You can simply log in to your account and navigate to customer care support.  Explain to them the time and date you gave used in trying, and the number you have tried receiving or sending to. Lastly, they need three different examples before they can start checking where the problem is from.

Why Can’t I Recharge my ALDImobile?

You cannot recharge because your Auto recharge might have failed. To correct it sign in to your account and navigate to check if payment details are correct. Recharge again if it is successful put your payment in auto recharge.

Which App is Used for SIM Registration?

There is various app that can be used for sim registration but the best app to make use of is GH SIM SELF REG and it is available for download.

What do You Need for SIM Registration?

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport or Medicare card for your ID
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth
  • Account number (for those on post-paid)

Can I re-register my SIM card?

You can re register your sim card yourself through the online portal.

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