How to Check First Savings Credit Card Application Status

If you have recently applied for a First Savings credit card and you aren’t sure whether or not your application has been approved or denied, it is important that you check your First Savings credit card application status. This will enable you to know whether to re-apply for the card or opt-in for another credit card. To do this, there are steps and guidelines that need to be followed carefully. Read through this article to find out the easy and simple steps to follow.

How to Check First Savings Credit Card Application Status

In the meantime, the First Savings Credit Card is one of the best-unsecured credit cards for people looking to improve or build their credit. This credit card is designed to improve your credit score, but it also makes it possible for you to conveniently shop for items online. You also need to know that before you can re-apply or apply for the need, you need an invitation.

How to Check First Savings Credit Card Application Status Online

In order to check your first savings credit card application status online you have to:

  • Visit the official first savings credit card website at
  • Click the account login icon
  • enter your username
  • enter your password
  • navigate to check your account status

You can check the website for their customer service line if your application happens to be denied then call them till you are connected to a representative. Once connected, seek reconsideration, although it does not guarantee to help you can always give it a try.

However, if the issuer’s decision cannot be changed about the denied application, you can consider applying for a credit card that is secured. You can also check for their list of the best credit cards that are secured and select the one you like.

How to Apply for First Savings Credit Card

Before, you can apply for your first savings credit card follow:

Note: you need to have a reservation or access code before you access the credit card application portal. This code can only be gotten through your mail which will be sent by the bank itself. You will also be asked to give details concerning your employment status, income monthly and important information.

Frequently asked questions

When you check this paragraph, you will get answers to some of the questions asked as an internet user.

What credit score do You Need for the First Savings Credit Card?

Even with a credit score of 300, you are still eligible to apply for the First Savings Credit Card. However, the issuer will also take into account other things when determining whether to approve you, such as you’re:

  • Income
  • Debt
  • History of payments

What is the Credit Limit for the First Savings Credit Card?

The First Savings Credit Card has a $350 initial credit limit. If they are given the card, each person will receive at least this amount. The criteria used to set each person’s credit limit, however, may include:

  • Income
  • current debts
  • Credit rating

You might qualify for an increase in your credit limit if you consistently make on-time, full payments, and maintain a clean account.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for First Savings Credit Card?

Seven to ten working days

The First Savings Credit Card approval process typically takes 7 to 10 business days, but it may happen considerably sooner. Remember that you can only accept the pre-approved offer from First Savings Bank; you cannot directly apply for this card.

Does First Savings Credit Card Offer Credit Line Increase?

Your First Savings Mastercard credit card will have a $350-$1,500 initial credit limit. If you keep your card account in good standing and make payments on time, you’ll probably also obtain a credit line increase in as little as 6 months, but this is at the issuer’s decision.

How Can I Increase my First Savings Credit Card?

Call their line, which can be seen on their website to request a First Savings Credit Card credit limit increase. Beginning six months after an account is started; First Savings will also periodically rate cardholders for an automatic credit limit increase.

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