Quite frankly, people think it’s impossible to invite someone to Facebook dating but just like I always do, I found a way.

How to invite someone to Facebook dating

So basically, there is no official share button you can use to share Facebook dating with friends and family. I didn’t let this stop me you and neither should you.

After hours of research, I found a tactical way to invite someone to Facebook dating. Wanna find out. Keep reading below.

How to invite someone to Facebook dating

Here’s how to invite someone to Facebook dating;

  • Open any web browser on your device
  • Go to facebook.com
  • Quickly create an account or log in to one you already own
  • Tap on the menu icon
  • Browse through the menu options and select the dating icon (the heart shaped icon colored red and purple)
  • If prompted, create a dating profile
  • Once done, copy the URL at the top of your web browser
  • Now start a conversation with the person you wish to invite to Facebook dating. It could be via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Paste the link you copied into the conversation box and tap send

Seemed easy right? Well, it is what we do (make things that seem impossible or difficult to do much easier).

Note; you can also share the link on a group chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media. You could also share the link via Gmail or direct contact if you have the contact of the person you wish to share the dating platform with.

Can I change my Facebook dating preference?

Yes, of course, you can change your Facebook dating preference. If you feel like you made a mistake while creating your dating profile and you chose some preferences you do not like, you can edit and change them. Here’s how;

  • Access Facebook dating
  • Tap on the settings gear by the top
  • Below the ideal match section, tap on any of the preferences you would like to make changes to
  • Make the changes you wish and hit the ”save” button.

Thanks for reading to the end. We sure do have other articles for you if you are interested in reading more. Have a good day.


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