How to Pay Credit Card Bills Online, via Phone, Check, Mobile App or In Store

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Are you a fresh CC user that wants to know How to Pay Credit Card Bills? Having incurred credit card debt as you make purchases using your CC, it’s wise to always pay off your debt. Paying off your debt in full each month enables you not to incur more debt or pay any extra charges.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills

However, not remembering to pay Off one’s CC bill has become the order of the day of some cardholders. Every bank that issues a CC, provides mediums to which cardholders can pay their bills when it’s due.

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To avoid being charged an extra fee Cardholders are advised to always clear their CC debt every month. To find out outstanding ways to pay your CC bills, read this article to the end.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills

A credit card is one of the important tools you can find in one’s purse. It allows cardholders to buy items from merchants on credit and then pay back later.  Before incurring a fresh debt, always ensure you clear your old debts.

This is to prevent debt from accumulating. If debt accumulates you will find yourself facing a huge amount that you’ll be wondering how it increased.

There are different mediums you can pay your credit card bills

  • Via online
  • Via phone
  • Check
  • Mobile App
  • In Store

These are the major procedure to make your bill payment. To learn more about the payment procedure, read the sections to the end.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills Online

To pay your CC bills, it’s very simple. Do the following

  • Navigate to the credit card’s official page or website
  • On their main screen, click on the login widget
  • Key in your login details- email or phone number and your password.
  • Then login
  • On your account find the “ Pay” tab or any related button and click on it
  • Select the method of payment, you can set up an auto-pay or one-time payment
  • Provide your details including the amount you want to pay.

Navigate with the onscreen directives to complete the above procedures to make an online bill payment.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills by Phone

To pay via phone, simply call on the card issuer. Make sure you have your account details handy before placing a call across to the Issuer or customer care executive. You can get their customer support number from your credit card (the number is either at the back of the card or at the front, depending on the card)

How to Pay Credit Card Bills with Cash

To pay your CC payment using Cash all you need is to visit your card issuer nearest branch. You need to go with your CC info. Once there, find the customer care and tell them you want to pay your bills. Then, follow every instruction they give to make your payment.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills via Mail

To clear your debt, you can do it by sending your cheque to the payment mailing address of the CC issuer. The procedure is very simple. If you don’t want to pay online, by phone, or in-store, mailing your payment is another great option.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills via Mobile Applications

Banks have provided amazing mobile applications for making CC payments. All you need is to visit your device app store, download the application, and then install it.

After downloading and installing the app, go to the Sign In section and provide your Login details. Now go to the pay section and make your payments. Google can be used for further research.

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