How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

Do you want to know just How To See Someone’s Hidden Friends List On Facebook? It’s quite easy. This post is for you. The article will be offering a few tricks on how to access a hidden friend list on FB. How To See Someone’s Hidden Friends List On Facebook

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Therefore, stay connected until you read to the range. After going through this post, accessing a hidden FB friend list will be just like ABC.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

However, Facebook is designed in a way that users can hide their friend’s lists, and lots of people are adopting the feature. And, you might be wondering why Facebook users hide their friend’s lists.

The truth is that most FB users often hide their friend lists for security reasons. People often want to keep their friends and activities personal and hence they often prefer limiting the people who can see their friends and activities on a social media platform.

View Hidden Friendlist 2021

Discover Secret Tricks to access someone’s hidden friend list on the FB platform. Users on the platform often lock their friend list, thereby restricting everyone including their friends from seeing it. Notwithstanding, there are easy tricks that one can use to hack on anyone’s friend list (private or not).

How to See Hidden Friends List On Facebook

Are you one of the people out there, that are eager to see people’s locked friend lists on FB? Or maybe you just want to hack people’s list of friends?  If yes, this section The tricks below can work perfectly, even without you being friends with the person you want on the friend list.

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Trick One

  1. Launch your Facebook app or visit
  2. progress to the Friend finder page
  3. Move down to Mutual Friends field
  4. Then, select the name of the friend whose friend list you wish to see.
  5. Click on your friend’s account

However, to try out this very hack, you need to have at least one mutual friend. It might not display the person’s full friend list. It will rather, show only the common friends between your mutual friend and the person whose friend list you want to access.

Trick Two

Another trick to view the content, are outlined under;

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Get the Facebook ID of your mutual friend plus that of the person whose friend list you want to hack.
  3. Use this URL to view the mutual friends between the two:

Trick Three

If you don’t want to use the first and second tricks, here’s another trick to access hidden content on Fb;

  1. Download and install Google Chrome extension: Facebook Friends Mapper
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account, right from the chrome browser
  3. Tap on the target user profile
  4. Tap on friends
  5. Click on the “Reveal Friends”

You can wait to complete the process. After that, the lock friend list will appear. It’s very simple, right? I believe with the three tricks above, you can now access such hidden content on FB. Not only accessing them but accessing them without stress.

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