Login- Manage Your JCPenney Credit Card Account? With a few clicks on the login page, you will successfully access your account. This write-up will walk you through how to access your JCP Credit Card account. Login

JCP is a Synchrony bank card. If you’re a new Cardholder, you have definitely had nothing to worry about. This article will be a great guide for you. Login

To access your JCPENNEY CC account, follow the instructions below;

You will successfully access your account once the credentials provided are correct. However, should Incase you forget your login details, find the password reset or find the user ID tab and click on it. The next section explains it better. / Find User ID

To recover your JCP CC account user ID, follow the guide below;

  • Go to the JCP login page at
  • Click on the “find user ID” tab.
  • Key in your card number and zip code
  • Tap on the “find user ID” tab.

Follow the instructions on the screen to find your User ID Pay Bill – Login

Do you want to pay your JCP CC bill? It may interest you to know that there are four ways to which you can pay for your cc bills.  they’re, Online, By mail, In-store, and by phone number

How to Pay Bill Online payment

To pay bills online, follow this medium;

  • Visit the JCP page at
  • Fill in your login details
  • Tap on the “pay my bill “ option from the navigator bar
  • Fill in your checking account number and routing number,
  • Fill out the payment amount
  • Input the date that the money should be drafted from your bank account for JC Penney to pay the bill
  • When you’re done click on the submit button.

With these steps, you will successfully clear your bills.

How to Pay Bill By Mail

Follow these steps to pay by mail

  • Sign in to your JC Penney Synchrony card account.
  • Click on the “statement” tab, and then print a PDF copy of your statement to mail
  • Then, write a check or purchase a money order for the amount of the payment
  • Include your CC account number on the memo line to make sure the payment is credited accurately and also address the envelope to their mailing address.

These are procedures to pay by mail.

How to Pay Bill In-store

Kindly locate the nearest JC Penney store using the “online locator”.

When you get to the store and make your Credit payment with cash, a check, or money order. Don’t forget to save your payment receipt for your records.

Phone payment

To pay your JCP credit card bills by phone, all you need is to contact the JC Penney customer service agent by dialing their phone number.

However, before dialing their phone number, ensure you have your card details handy. And to find JCPenney’s Credit card payment phone number, go to their official website.

JC Penney Credit Card Customer service Phone Number

For further help and support, kindly reach out to the customer care Agents. The easiest way to reach them is by phone. Visit their official website or check the back of your card for their support phone number. Then place a call across, having your CC details.