Hub Amazon work is an online platform, where amazon associates access their work account. With a few steps at you will successfully log in to the platform. However, for more easy access to the platform, you can get the hub app, available on the app store.

Hub Amazon Work

So, if you’re an Associate or employee and you don’t know how to log in to your account, you will learn how in this write-up. Also, if you don’t have the hub account yet, this article will be a very good guide for you.

Hub Amazon Work

The company is a worldwide network of pickup locations. Thus a network that enables Businesses with a physical location to provide secure package pickup and returns to Amazon customers.

However, they in-turn reap benefits from the potential increase in foot traffic and sales at their location.

Employees have the option to select from different product solutions, such as Lockers and Apartment Lockers, to serve customers in their neighborhood.

Amazon Hub Sign Up

If you’re an employee at Amazon, you will need to sign up for an Amazon account first, to enable you to access the hub platform.

  • Go to the Amazon login page
  • Click Sign in and then create an account
  • Fill in your company name
  • Fill in your email address or phone number
  • Create your password
  • Choose the continue button

Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

Amazon Employee Login

If you’re an Amazon Hub employee, take the login steps under, to access your account.

  • Progress to
  • Hit on the “sign in” widget
  • Type in your email or telephone number
  • Type in your Amazon password
  • Lastly, select the login button

Were you unable to log in, due to an incorrect password? You can reset your login password in a few minutes and gain direct access to your account. So, to reset the password;

Navigate to the login page, click on the “forgot password” button, and follow the guide on the screen.

How Does Amazon Hub Work?

Customers at Amazon are required to add an Amazon Hub to their Amazon address book. Customers are to choose a location where they want to get deliver their shipment during when checking out.

As soon as your package is ready to be retrieved, the company will send an email to you containing info regarding your package. The information includes a unique six-digit number to pick your package from the designated location.

Prime members are allowed to get your package with a one-day, two days, three days, or same-day shipping without paying any extra cost.

 Amazon Hub App

The mobile app helps businesses to manage Amazon customer packages. The app is also known as the Counter app, available on the app store.

However, the Hub Counter App is a network designed for staff pick-up points. That enables customers to collect their parcels in-store at an associate location.

Another amazing thing here is that the service is available at no extra cost to Prime members. You can visit the app store to download the mobile app.

Hub Amazon App Download

To get the app, do the following;

  • Open the app store
  • Move to the search bar (the bar is usually at the top)
  • On the search tool enter “Amazon hub” and then search
  • From the search list, locate the Counter App and click on it
  • Tap on the Install button, click on the Get button for iOS users.
  • To launch the app, select the Open button

These are steps to download the mobile app on your Android or iOS device.


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