offers amazing employee benefits such as individual Health, Dental, Vision, and lots more. There are also hundreds of plan options, ACA (Affordable Care Act) Plans, and Subsidy Calculator. However, the Group health insurance is one of the most important employees benefits an employer can offer. So, quality benefits help attract and retain quality employees. This Insurance platform will help you match your business with the policy that best suits your needs.

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Ineedinsurance is an Insurance plan that cares for you and your business, every step of the way. It also features Employee Benefits Insurance, commercial and individuals

  • For Employee benefits; Group Health, Group Dental, Group Life, Group Disability.
  • Commercial: General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Commercial Property
  • Individual Coverage; Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Medicare Supplements, and Accident Plan. Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a super way to attract and retain quality employees.  Nowadays, about 95% of employees weigh job benefits before deciding to stay or take a new position, with the majority primarily concerned with health insurance.

However, there is a cost to offering an employee benefits package, some costs can be offset by taxes and payroll. For instance, some insurance companies only require 50% employer contribution of the employee only rate and 0% of the dependent cost

Before you start considering employee benefits for your company, it is a good idea to consult the guidance of an independent agent. This independent agent acts as an advocate between you and the insurance companies at no additional cost. Moreover, employers do have some fiduciary responsibilities and can be exposed to financial liabilities.

How to Get Ineedinsurance Quote Online

To get individuals quote, kindly follow this guide;

  • Go to
  • Tap on Quote and subsidy tab
  • For Individual Quoting, do the following;
    Enter Your Information
    Zip Code, County
    Phone Number (Optional)
    Email Address
    Quote Child Only Plan ?
    First Name (Optional)
    Date of Birth
    Add Dependents
    Broker Information
  • Tap on Next

These are steps to apply for individual quoting.

Ineedinsurance Login

Do you want to access your ineedinsurance account? If yes, you will need to log in with your Facebook, Google, or Email account. Mind you, the account you will use the login is the one you use to create an account.

How to Login to Your Account

Navigate With the following steps to access your account:

These are steps to access your account. If you don’t have an account yet, follow the guide in the section below Account Registration

To Sign up for ineedinsurance account, follow the steps under;

Alternatively, Sign up with email address and password. Follow the onscreen directives to sign up for an account.

Ineedinsurance Customer Service Number

If you need help or support, you can contact the customer service representative. offers quality customer support. However, members can call the representative on phone or send an email to them.

  • So to get Ineedinsurance phone number or email address do this;
  • Go to
  • Move to the bottom of the page and select the Phone or Email tab
  • The phone number will be displayed on the next page

These are steps to contact the customer service representative.

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