Informal Letter Format – How to Write an Informal Letter | Examples of Informal Letter

Informal Letter Format is a way of writing a letter to friends, family, and loved ones. An informal letter is a non-official letter that is usually written to one’s friends, family, or relatives.

Informal Letter Format

These letters are also known as personal letters that are not used for official purposes. In the olden days before the phone came into existence, letter writing has been a great source of communication to both far and near relatives, friends, and loved ones.

In the world today, do people still write informal letters to their loved ones? What’s the essence since there’s a mobile phone? I came to realize that students need to learn what the informal letter is all about.

This letter format a very important to know especially if you’re still a student, it will help boost your score in an exam when you are asked to write a formal letter.

Informal Letter Format

Find out the way or how to write an informal letter in this write-up.


Your personal address is the first thing you write in your letter. Your address should be placed at the top right corner of the page.

This address is important if the receiver wants to write back to you. And remember to include your postal code and if you are writing the letter abroad, you need to include the country name as well.


The date is usually written under the sender’s address. The most common format to write the date includes the month, day, and year. The name of the month is capitalized in the date.  Date Format in British- DD/MM/YEAR- 22nd November 2011 or 22 November 2011 or 22/11/2011 In American English, It is written as-  November 22nd, 2011 or November 22, 2011, or 11/22/2011


In an informal letter, the salutation is usually given by ‘Dear’, such as Dear (name of friend/name of uncle or aunty) or Dear Father/Mother, etc.

If you are on very friendly terms with the person, just use their first name. The way in which you greet your reader is up to you.

Body of the Letter

You can begin in a casual and friendly way. The perfect way of assessing how you should write is to think about how you would interact with the person you are writing to in real life.

Subjects to Include in the Body includes;

Your reason for writing. Explain briefly the main reason in the first paragraph. Also, ask about the person you are writing to. You can invite the person to write back in your concluding remarks.

Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph should come with the sentence in the last few things you would like to tell the reader. For instance; I am looking forward to seeing you. I can’t wait to see you soon. These are examples of a closing sentence.


You can sign off by saying anything of your choice as it’s an informal letter yet here are some examples you can use. You just have to write your name after these.  Examples; Love, best wishes, etc.

Examples of Informal Letter

Below are examples of an informal letter

  • Inviting a friend for a birthday party ceremony
  • Inviting a friend or family member for a trip or holiday
  • Apologizing to someone for mistakes you have done
  • Congratulating a friend or family member for his success or achievement
  • Writing just to ask for the well-being of a person
  • Inviting someone for a marriage ceremony
  • Asking for help from someone
  • Informing about someone’s demise in family or friends and lots more

These are a few examples of informal letters.

How to Write an Informal Letter to a Friend?

The format of an informal letter to a friend should include the following details;

  • The sender’s Address
  • Date of writing a letter
  • The address of the receiver
  • Salutation/Greeting
  • Body of the letter – Dear (name of person)
  • Conclusion
  • Signature of the sender

A format is shown below to write the letter in an informal manner.

Under the Body of the letter

The First Paragraph: Ask for the well-being of the person

Second Paragraph: The main reason to write the letter

Third Paragraph: the conclusion and end of the letter

Lastly, write something like “Yours lovingly” or Yours faithfully”. Then write the name of the sender

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