Insurance VIN Check – How Does an Insurance Company Use VIN

Insurance VIN check is a process that aids in determining relevant records regarding insurance claims or salvage status associated with a vehicle. Insurers use the VIN when quoting a rate to verify information about the car they might be insuring.

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When you apply for a car insurance quote, auto insurance companies need this number because it allows them to retrieve vehicle-specific data. With this information at their disposal, auto insurers can offer more precise quotes.

Insurance VIN Check

What is a VIN?

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a special identification code that is assigned to a car at the time of manufacture that tells you things like the make, model, and year of the car.

It is frequently located on the dashboard or door jamb of the driver’s side and offers a plethora of important information, such as the engine type and details of the original product.

Also, It can be used to find out how frequently the car has been purchased or whether it was involved in a recall. It might appear to be a meaningless string of characters and numbers.

However, those 17 numbers combined form an amazing unique combination that tracks the car from the factory to the junkyard.

How Does an Insurance Company Use VIN?

Car insurance companies verify that they have the correct vehicle information on file before issuing a new policy. Obtaining quotes is quick and simple with online quoting tools, and in certain cases, you can obtain an online quote without supplying a VIN.

But before the company issues the policy, they’ll want to see it. That way, the provider will be able to confirm the details you provided when requesting a quote.

Additionally, it guarantees that the provider is aware of the vehicle’s past, including whether it has been reported stolen or has a title that bears the markings of salvage or flood damage. It will also identify any previous collisions or auto repairs that have been made

What do the Numbers on my VIN Mean?

The seemingly random numbers and letters that make up the 17-digit sequence can be confusing to decipher. Let’s break the numbers down:

  • World manufacturer identifier: The first three digits indicate the vehicle’s manufacturer, country of origin, production region, type, and manufacturing division.
  • Vehicle description: The model, body, transmission, engine, fraud detector, and restraint system of the car are all indicated by the next six digits.
  • Vehicle identifier: The final eight digits represent the year, the manufacturing facility, and the distinct serial number that is assigned to the car while it is being assembled.

This is what makes up the number.

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Benefits of Insurance VIN Checkup for Car Insurance Companies

The benefits include:

  • Assesses risk and calculates premiums: It determines the right insurance rates for a car based on its history and features by assessing the risk attached to it.
  • Verifies vehicle details: To guarantee appropriate coverage and adherence to insurance regulations, it verifies the accuracy of the car’s make, model, and year.
  • Prevents fraud and facilitates claims processing: It confirms the identity of the vehicle and helps with accurate claims processing by detecting potential fraud by looking up the vehicle’s history.

These are a few of the numerous advantages.

How to Perform an Insurance VIN Check

Follow these steps:

  • Collect the necessary information, including the VIN and vehicle details.
  • Visit the webpage of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) at https://www.nicb.org/vincheck
  • Click the camera icon to the right of the field that is open, to upload a picture of the VIN,
  • Click “Search VIN” after making sure you accept the terms and conditions of use.

Examine the insurance history you were given, paying particular attention to the details of the policy and any claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Where can I Find the VIN?

You can find the VIN in various places on your vehicle or document. For example:

  • At the bottom of your windshield.
  • The dashboard interior on the driver’s side.
  • The driver’s side door jamb.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Title documents.

Can you get Auto Insurance Without a VIN?

Although you can get quotes for auto insurance without a vehicle identification number (VIN), you are unable to buy an insurance policy without one. Every car has a distinct VIN.

Why do Car Insurance Companies Need Your VIN?

Giving your insurer your vehicle’s identification number will enable you to receive a more precise quote. It is used by the insurer to confirm that the vehicle is not stolen. Occasionally, giving the number can result in a premium reduction for you. To reduce the cost of your coverage, the insurer can also determine whether the model has anti-theft or safety features.

What is VIN?

VIN stands for Verification Identification Number,


The number shouldn’t have a big impact on your insurance rate. After the VIN is entered, if your premium changes, it may indicate that the car has pre-existing damage or was involved in a major accident.

Make sure to run a VIN check on any used car you are considering purchasing to learn more about its past.