Facebook dating is one of the fastest-growing dating apps in the world today. However, there is still room for the question Is the Facebook dating app only on Phone? In regards to this, there is a lot of doubt I would very much like to clear.

Is the Facebook dating app only on Phone

Is the Facebook dating app only on the Phone?

No. Facebook dating is not an app contrary to popular beliefs. While it can be accessed via the Facebook app, it can also be accessed on the website as it is a feature within the platform. Anyone can access Facebook dating via the URL www.facebook.com/dating. This is of course if the dating feature has been released in your country.

As of now, the dating feature from Facebook has not reached all parts of the world, and those countries in which the feature has been released are indeed privileged. If your country happens to be one of such countries in which the feature has been released, I would advise you to make good use of the opportunity to find a partner (date).

How can I access Facebook dating?

Facebook dating can be accessed by anyone and everyone who have an existing Facebook account. If you do not already own a Facebook account, you should quickly do so. Also, you should know, creating a Facebook account is free.

You literally have nothing to lose. In addition to the dating feature, there are several other benefits that comes with the social media. Once you have an account, follow the steps below so you can set up a dating profile.

How to set up Facebook dating

Here is how to create a Facebook dating profile.

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Login to your account
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon
  • Tap on the dating icon
  • Hit the “Get started” button
  • Follow the onscreen directives and you should be able to successfully set up your profile.

It’s literally as easy as that. The best part is that the entire process can be done in less than five minutes.


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