Lowes My Benefit – How do I access it? Every full-time and part-time staff of Lowes is looking forward to accessing the benefits provided by the company. Lowes company offers outstanding benefits for the full-time and part-time working officials. However, it offers a very attractive retirement plan for all the new and existing representatives via various schemes.

Lowes My Benefit

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Lowes My Benefits

Full-time staff at Lowe’s have a limit of 60 days to submit an application, and benefits apply to start on the 90th business day as regards the terms stated at www.myloweslife.com login portal.

While for part-time staff, a see limit of 31 days is there to register in their eligible program. And relevant benefits will start after the enrollment period at My Lowe’s Life.

Outstanding Lowes Benefits

Below are some of the outstanding Employees benefits

  • Staffs get flexible spending accounts
  • Gets resources for Dependent People: Counseling Services for the Care of Children and the Elderly
  • Enjoys holiday (inclusive of floating holidays) Benefits.
  • Receive Medical, dental, & vision coverage in the plan
  • Gets Life and disability insurance
  • Enjoy Family and sick leave accessible at Lowes Employee portal
  • Employees get free and/or reduced tax preparation services
  • Gets amazing discount on Lowes commodities
  • Enjoy a reduced price share purchase plan
  • Amazing 401 (k) plan

These are benefits lowes staff enjoys.


Mylowesbenefits.com is the official Lowe’s benefits platform. On the portal, employees can log in to view and change benefits plans, obtain W-2 forms, and much more. The key to accessing the benefits portal is your User ID and password. To find out more about the login info and requirements, read below.

Mylowesbenefits Login

How do I log in to the Mylowesbenefits portal? You will have to visit www.mylowesbenefits.com. This link will redirect you to https://leplb0180.upoint.alight.com/web/lowes/login. If you are a new user click on the New User button to Sign up for an account. Thus you will be needing the Last 4 Digits of your SSN and Birth Date.

Whenever you want to log in, you will simply provide your user ID and password. Take note, that all Mylowesbenefits.com passwords expire after just 90 days. If you have not logged in to the platform in the last 90 days you are asked to update your password after logging in.

How to Login to My Lowes Benefits

To access your benefits account, follow these steps;

You can now access your benefits account, once you entered the correct login info. Incase you forgot your User ID or password, kindly click on “Forgot User ID or Password? If you need more help, you can contact lowes Employee Benefits HR department.

Lowes Employee Benefits HR Phone Number

To get the HR department phone number, follow the steps.

  • Go to myloweslife.com
  • Scroll to the right corner of the page
  • Click on the link that says “Are you a former Lowe’s Employee The following HR Related information is available to you, Click Here”
  • You will access the HR Phone number in PDF.

These are steps to get the HR support phone number.

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