NASW Malpractice Insurance – Types of NASW Malpractice Insurance

The National Association of Social Workers, or NASW, provides professional liability insurance tailored to social workers. Social workers are protected by NASW malpractice insurance in the event of a malpractice claim or litigation.

This kind of insurance is crucial for social workers since it shields them from monetary loss and offers assistance in court.

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Types of NASW Malpractice Insurance

To address social workers’ unique requirements, NASW provides various coverage alternatives. The primary varieties of NASW malpractice insurance are as follows:

  • Occurrence form coverage: Regardless of the date the claim is filed, this coverage safeguards claims resulting from events during the policy period. Social workers with occurrence form coverage are protected from any claims made during the policy period, even if the policy is terminated.
  • Claims-made form coverage: This kind of coverage covers claims filed and reported throughout the insurance period. Claims-made form coverage is different from occurrence form coverage in that it only covers claims reported during the active period of the policy. It’s crucial to remember that tail coverage may need to be purchased to guarantee protection for claims filed after the policy ends if claims-made coverage is used.
  • Individual coverage: Each social worker has a specific level of coverage. Claims resulting from the person’s professional activity are protected. Social workers who operate autonomously or in a private practice should consider this coverage.
  • Group coverage: Group coverage is intended for social workers employed by an organization or group. It offers coverage for disputes resulting from the group’s or agency’s operations. Social workers who are part of a larger organization and wish to guarantee complete security for themselves and their colleagues can benefit from group coverage.
  • Student coverage: NASW provides malpractice insurance to students studying social work. This insurance safeguards students while participating in internships and field placements. It offers liability protection for the tasks and endeavors that students engage in during their social work study.

What NASW Malpractice Insurance Covers

The following are the coverages offered by NASW malpractice insurance:

  • General liability coverage.
  • Medical payments coverage.
  • Cyber liability coverage.
  • Provision of consent to settle.
  • License protection coverage.
  • Personal injury coverage.
  • Professional liability coverage.

These are some of the coverages offered by NASW malpractice insurance.

NASW Malpractice Insurance

Factors to Consider When Getting NASW Malpractice Insurance

The following are some key points to consider:

  • Coverage.
  • Tail coverage.
  • Limits and deductibles.
  • Cost.

There are other additional benefits, such as access to risk management resources and legal consultation services.

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Benefits of NASW Malpractice Insurance

The benefits of NASW malpractice include:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Cyber liability coverage.
  • Coverage for legal defense.
  • Safeguarding personal assets.
  • Protection against professional liability.
  • Coverage for supervisory roles.

It also provides access to risk management resources.

Who Needs NASW Malpractice Insurance?

Here is a list of people who need NASW malpractice insurance:

  • Social workers in private practice.
  • Clinical social workers.
  • Social workers working with vulnerable populations.
  • Social workers employed by agencies.
  • Also, Social workers in supervisory roles.
  • Social workers are providing telehealth services.

These are some of the individuals who need NASW malpractice insurance.

How to Obtain NASW Malpractice Insurance

To purchase law malpractice insurance, follow the general guidelines below:

  • Understand the NASW malpractice insurance requirements of the state where you practice.
  • Determine the risks associated with your profession and the coverage limits you require.
  • Prepare the necessary documents needed to apply.
  • Research and visit the official websites of insurance providers that offer law malpractice insurance, such as https://socialworkinsure.com/. Click on the website to visit their web page to get quotes.
  • Contact and request quotes from at least three insurance providers via their websites. Compare the quotes from these insurance providers to find the best coverage rates for you.
  • Gather the necessary information and documentation.
  • Complete the application process thoroughly.

Once the agency provides you with a premium quote, make the necessary premium payment to activate the policy. Also, it is advisable to search for multiple insurance providers to obtain multiple quotes and compare them to find the one more suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

What is the Full Meaning of NASW?

NASW stands for National Association of Social Workers.

Who is Eligible for NASW Malpractice Insurance?

Social workers who are members of NASW are eligible for NASW malpractice insurance. It takes NASW membership to be qualified for this insurance.

What Is Covered by NASW Malpractice Insurance?

Professional liability, which includes claims for carelessness, mistakes, or omissions made while rendering social work services, is normally covered by NASW malpractice insurance. Cyber liability and legal defense expenses might also be covered.


Mistakes happen; however, not having proper coverage should not be one of them.