Navajo Nation Hardship Online Application – How do I apply for a Navajo Hardship Check?

Navajo Nation Hardship Online Application portal is currently open for 2022 applicants. The Navajo Nation is a Native American territory covering about 17,544,500 acres. It occupies portions of northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and a smaller portion covering southeastern Utah, in the United States.

Navajo Nation Hardship Online Application

Thus, it is the largest land area retained by a Native American tribe in the United States. Members of the Navajo Nation have the privilege to apply for the ongoing hardship assistance program.

Navajo Nation Hardship Online Application

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Navajo Nation is offering the assistance of up to $2,300 to registered members.

However, the funding comes from the CARES Act signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2020 and the American Rescue Plan Act signed by President Joseph Biden in 2021.

Navajo Nation Hardship Application 2022

Are you yet to apply for the Navajo Nation Hardship program? There’s good news for you! The Application Form for the hardship assistance for 2022 is now out.

The best way to apply for the program is to apply online. The procedure is very simple and straightforward.

Registered members of the Navajo Nation are qualified to get up to $2,300 per person in the hardship assistance program this 2022. Although some people may need to complete paperwork to get it.

How does it work? members who received relief funds from the tribe last year will automatically receive checks in the mail with the extra funds. While, anyone who did not receive a hardship check-in 2021, who changed addresses, gave birth to a child, or turned 18 since originally applying will need to submit new paperwork to obtain the money.

Navajo Nation Hardship Relief 2022 – How much receive

The payments for the 2022 relief funds are as follows:

  • Members from 0-17 years: $600
  • From 18-59 Years: $2,000
  • From 60 and older: $2,300 ( divided into separate payments of $2,000 and $300)

How do I apply for a Navajo Hardship Check?

If you’ve received Navajo Nation hardship assistance relief, you do not need to reapply.

Who can apply?

  • You did not apply for the relief funds program before
  • If your previous application was rejected
  • If your check did not come through

To apply for the funds, you will need to fill out the ARPA Hardship Application form.

Nnooc Application procedure

To get the application form, visit or for you and all your dependents.

  • Click on Apply button
  • Then proceed to print out the form
  • Fill in the form and sign it.
  • Then submit the form.  

These are steps to apply for nnooc hardship assistance.

How to submit the Navajo Nation Hardship Application form

You can forward your application form via email, Mail, or visit the controller’s office.

To send it via email, you will need to scan it.

Don’t have the email address, mailing address, or office address? Visit their official website at or

Navajo Nation Hardship Application Deadline

The application is on starting from 10 January 2022 down to 30 December 2022.

The earlier you submit the paperwork, the earlier you will receive the fund. So act wisely.

How to Change your Address for the Hardship Assistance program

If you received a Navajo Nation hardship check last year (2021) but changed addresses since then, you won’t receive the fund until you update your address. To update or change your address;

  • Go to or
  • Find the “Change of Address” form.
  • Fill in the form and then submit via email, mail, or via the controller office.

What if I have a new child?

If you want to receive the $600 Relief fund for your child, your child must have a Certificate of Indian Blood. However, if your baby does not have the CIB yet, you may need to apply for one. You can do this through the Navajo Nation Vital Records Office at

What Happens When I Turn 18?

Teenagers who turned 18 years old on or before Jan. 4, 2022, will be eligible to receive $2,000 instead of $600.

The $600 is given to children from 0-17 years old.

Navajo Nation Hardship Controller Office Phone Number

If you have any issues or questions, contact the controller by phone or visit their office. You can also get help applying for a Certificate of Indian Blood and filling out the hardship application will be available.

To get the controller’s office phone number, visit their website at or

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