Online Tools and Platforms Every Student Must Use

Speaking of Online Tools and Platforms Every Student Must Use, One of the best parts of living in this age and time is that you get to enjoy the wonderful technology that is known as the internet. because of it, practically everything is on the tips of your fingers. Every day we discover new and exciting ways to utilize this technology and take advantage of it to make our lives a whole lot easier.

Online Tools and Platforms Every Student Must Use

One of the people that greatly appreciate the internet and all digital tools is students. For the new generation, gone are the times when you had to walk miles to your local library only to get an assignment done.

Now, you could be sitting in your room, and can even attend classes from the world’s renowned universities. Who would have thought that we would be living like this in 2022?

Online Tools and Platforms Every Student Must Use

In the past couple of years, remote learning has become widely popular amongst students and teachers. It has not only brought convenience for the learners but also the instructors. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning, commute to your college, attend a lecture and then come back all the way from here.

Various online tools and platforms have made learning easy. If you are unaware of all such tools, then sit tight because, in this article, we have compiled a list of all such tools that every student must use.

Along with this, we also understand that every student works around a budget. One of the biggest dilemmas faced by students during the first phase of distance learning was the inaccessibility of the internet or overly priced connections. Well, the good news is that the internet service providers in the United States offer various plans and packages that are tailored to meet the needs of every individual.

One of such is Spectrum. They don’t only offer superfast internet, which is perfect for your online learning activity, but it also does not cost much. For this, you can visit Spectrum deals and check out the affordable plans and packages and pick one that caters to your needs the most.

The best part about their package is that you get to have an unlimited data allowance. This means, you won’t have to worry about network outages, slowed internet, or surfing within limited bandwidth.

Having an internet connection is surely a prerequisite and the first step towards effective online learning. Now that you have it at your disposal, let’s move forward and talk about the online tools and platforms every student must use.


We all have written some essays or assignments in high school, but college demands more profound academic writing. It is on another level and for that, you need to have an excellent grip on your writing skills. You are required to write long, complex write-ups, which most likely will be evaluated on the basis of your grammar, vocabulary, writing expressions, and sentence structure.

We understand, that when creativity is flowing, it could get pretty difficult to keep a check on every grammatical or spelling error. Even more so, if you are not a native speaker. This is where Grammarly comes in and solves all these problems.

It checks your document thoroughly for any grammatical, spelling, or syntactic mistakes. It also gives you suggestions on the quality of your writing or the vocabulary voices. Not only this, it helps in correcting odd-looking sentences.

So, don’t wait any longer and get this free tool right away. Take our word for it, it is going to be such a savior for all those who often submit their assignments without proofreading and editing.


Have a quiz tomorrow but don’t know how to go about it? Hang on! Quizlet has got you covered. It is a perfect tool that adds significantly to your learning. It comes in handy when you need to memories something. You can either use it online or get its application for your smartphones.

Quizlet has gained quite a popularity in recent years. Mainly because of its simple user-friendly interface. Essentially, it is a tool that is created for all those who like to utilize custom flashcards sets for their learning. When you need to learn something, you simply give this tool all the information and data and as a result, it provides you with flashcards consisting of all the information.

After this, you can run a set of flashcard games to make sure you learn everything you need. Not only this, but it also provides you with flashcards that have been either created or shared by other people.

The bottom line is, that Quizlet is a perfect tool for all those who like to study for quizzes using flashcards but don’t have time to make one for themselves.

We all have heard the name. TED is an American media organization that further has more well-known initiatives such as TED Talks and TED-Ed. It covers a wide range of different topics that are also present in more than a hundred languages.

TED Talks not only give you something productive to do during your pastime but also contributes immensely to your knowledge. It encourages you to ponder upon different subjects that you might have never even crossed your mind before. Furthermore, it can turn out to be quite helpful especially if you look for some ideas for your essays.

Apart from this, TED-Ed is also an amazing platform. It provides you with short and most of the time, animated video lessons that are interesting to watch. They are all categorized in accordance with the subjects and this makes it easy for you to navigate.

Final Words

There you have it. All these tools and platforms mentioned in this article are incredibly helpful and highly recommended to be used by all the students. So, don’t wait any longer and start exploring them. We wish you a good learning experience.