Looking for a simple way to download a movie? Yes, we all know that there are thousands of sites used for downloading movies for free but Pahe.in is just extraordinary. It has an unrivaled database of movies, dramas, series, and documentaries that comes in different languages. Furthermore, downloading from the site is free.

Download Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Drama, and Anime from Pahe.in

Pahe.in is not a popular site but I can tell you that people get to know about it every single day. This site provides a free service and all site needs to make money to stand their ground. To download form pahe.in the process you need comes with a number of ads.

Pahe.in Categories and section

Getting to know more about Pahe.in brings you to know what you can download from the site. Yes, Pahe.in has a lot of sections for downloading anything of your choice which makes it easier to get what you want from the site.

The categories and sections in Pahe.in include:

  • Anime:

Clicking on this section brings you to all the types of anime movies and TV shows they have on the site.

  • Drama:

This section contains different kinds of drama you wish to watch. You can get Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Thai Drama In this section.

  • Movies:

If it is a movie you want to download from the site and you click on the movies section it, we show you all move, by genre, and by year.  This means you can easily get the movie if you know the year the movie was released.

  • TV show:

This is the part you need to follow to get the TV show and series you need.

  • How to download:

This section is something I hardly see on regular sites for downloading. If you click on this section you will be enlightened on how to download from the site.

  • Report dead link:

Through this place, you can report a link that is not functioning.

  • Other:

in this (other) you can quickly get a particular move my using the studio or actor name.

Download Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Drama, and Anime from Pahe.in

The means to download from Pahe.in isn’t a big deal you just have to follow some link.

Step 1: Open Pahe.in

To open the site, you just have to open chrome. Now type www.Pahe.in on the search bar of your chrome and click on the search icon.

Step 2: Search for the movie

After the site is open you will be able to view the site home page, then you can use the search bar in the site to search the name of the movie or any show of your choice. Then the option to download your movie in different qualities like 480p, 720p, or 1080p will show to you to choose the quality of your choice. If it is a TV series, select the TV series and then the season and episode.

Different download mechanisms including LU, UTB, MG, GD is provided by the site among others depending on the movie. GD which is Called google drive is the easiest, free and fastest mechanism to download movies from Pahe.in.

Step 3: Generate the link

A Gmail account is something we can assume everyone has on the internet alongside owns a google drive. So, you will be able to download movies and series from Pahe.in using your google drive.

So, choose GD on your downloading option. This will take you to a page to confirm you are not a robot after been confirmed your can now click on generate link and this will reload a page for the download.

Clicking on that will also reload a page for you to click continue. Then you will have to grant google drive access this happens only on your first time using the site. Lastly, click on login to get the download link.

Step 4: Mean download

Ignore the message that says we are processing this video, on the new page. On the page click on the download button that shows up.

This will take you to the final download page and you will be told that your file is too big to be scanned for viruses because it is bigger than 100mbs. Just click on the download anyway button and your download will automatically start.