Paturnpiketollbyplate online services enable you to go through toll rates on their toll calculator system. It provides you with very unique tools with Extra Features. The interesting part is that you can also have access to a toll schedule. And if you’re confused in any way client-centered customer care will assist you.


However, users can also make alterations to your Toll By Plate customer account and convert it to an E-ZPass account. With this, you can pay for your future travel plans.


The PA Turnpike Toll by Plate is a license plate tolling system for non-E-ZPass customers. The cameras at the tolling facility capture the vehicle’s license plate as it moves at the posted speed, and a form is sent to the owner of the vehicle.

In other words, Paturnpiketollbyplate simplifies the lives of E-ZPass customers. The whole process is cashless, and the vehicle’s license plate is captured by the lens, which is mounted at the closest tolling whenever it is driven at a speed higher than the one posted.

Register a Toll By Plate Account

A Toll By Plate (TBP) account makes managing your toll invoices much easier. With this account you can be able to do the following;

  • Set up an automatic payment method and save 15% on your invoice
  • Get email notifications when an invoice is available
  • Check/Pay invoices
  • Access multiple vehicle images
  • Dispute tolls
  • Update customer data including address and vehicles
  • Easily convert your account to an E-ZPass account, to enable you to pay less for your travel

However, under each Toll By Plate account, you can register up to four personally operated vehicles that are not registered to an E-ZPass account and do not have outstanding tolls.

How to open an account

You will have the option to register via mobile app or online. To register online do this;

To create an account, you’ll need your email address and vehicle license plate information. If the vehicle is a rental, the start and end dates of the rental agreement for any leased or rented vehicles that will be used for travel.

Paturnpiketollbyplate Account Login

To login to your Paturnpiketollbyplate account, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Launch your browser
  • Type in It should take you to the home page.
  • Tap on the menu Icon
  • Select the login button
  • Fill in the login details

To make payments

  • select the ‘Make Payment’ option.
  • Enter your payment details in a blank space
  • Once done, click on the ‘Submit button.

If you have an issue logging in, kindly contact the customer service team.

Paturnpiketollbyplate 2022

The Paturnpiketollbyplate website is designed to make toll tax payments hassle-free and cashless. With this, people who have used PTC-operated toll highways will be able to make the payments of their bills on their web portal. You can achieve this by accessing the official page at

Furthermore, to log in, you will need your Account Number, Invoice Number, and Postcode.

Within your account, you get the opportunity to view and manage invoices, dispute tolls, unpaid info related to your vehicle, and enjoy several other facilities.

Paturnpiketollbyplate App Download

Register with the PA Toll Pay App today and get a head start on your travel with the easiest way to manage yours. With this app, you will get the full details about Paturnpiketollbyplate. Make your payment, view your invoices with ease. To download the app, visit the app store.

How Do I Pay My PA Turnpike Toll Online?

If you don’t know how to pay your paturnpiketoll online read this;

Immediately you have received an invoice, launch your browser and visit to process your payment. On the homepage, you will see the payment tab.

Alternatively, you can also pay by calling the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center and selecting Option 3 for PA Turnpike Toll by Plate or following the mailing instructions included in the invoice.

Pay a Toll By Plate Invoice

Did you receive an invoice in the mail? We strive to make it simple to pay. If you have any trouble with your invoice, visit our Help Center.

How do I Pay Tolls in Pennsylvania?

If you receive an unpaid toll notification or a similar traffic quote in the mail, you can call the Pennsylvania E-ZPass Violation Processing Center. They will give you details and payment instructions. However, you can also pay Pennsylvania missed tolls online.

PATurnpikeTollByPlate Customer Service Contact

If you need more details regarding the E-ZPass or have some queries. To find answers, You can reach out to their customer service that aims to guide their users and solve their issues (if any).

If you want to speak to their customer service representatives, dial their toll-free number. You are also free to visit their main web page to get the correct phone number.


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