Planning a trip? These credit cards will make your journey affordable

We know cash is no longer the king. Credit cards have become more popular than ever by providing unique features and perks for every consumer type.

If you are a business person, there is a card for your needs, if you are a salaried person, there is a special card for your needs, and if you are an avid traveler, then there are cards that offer complimentary services and additional perks that are sure to make your journey a memorable one.

Planning a trip

Since there are hundreds of cards out there, it is difficult to apply for a credit card that matches your needs. So, which one should you use for if you are specifically looking for something that supplements your travel needs? There are also a few things you should look for in your perfect credit card partner to make your spending more affordable –

Welcome Offer

The best feature of a travel credit card which can help you plan an affordable trip comes with a great welcome offer. These welcome offers can help you jumpstart your mileage account to get you closer to a free hotel stay, a free ticket, discounted deals while traveling, and more.

Added Bonus

When you apply for a credit card, look for premium banks that are known for offering attractive bonuses to cardholders. For instance, banks like IndusInd Bank offer often 1 reward point for every INR 100 spent on weekdays on its Legend Credit Card and 2 reward points for every INR 100 spent on weekends. On the other hand, you earn accelerated reward points on its Platinum Aura Edge Visa Credit Card.

Special Travel Perks

Look for those cards that provide additional offers related to travel. For instance, coverage for lost baggage, delayed baggage, lost ticket, etc. – in other words, look for a card that offers a comprehensive travel package to satisfy the travel bug in you.

Look for the cards that also cover compensation for missed flight connections as well so that you know you don’t stand to lose anything if you miss your flight connection to Vietnam or hop from one Indonesian island to the next one for your next weekend adventure!

Travel hack is not just about earning miles, it’s about knowing how well you are able to get maximum value on your travels by using your instant credit card.

Foreign Currency Markup

It is great to use credit cards when you travel overseas as well because you get a discount on foreign currency markup which helps with your travel cost. Ensure that you can pay off your credit card because that will help you earn miles which can help you earn great travel-related rewards. So, pick the card that fits your travel bucket list, convenience, goals, and budget.

When you apply a card suitable to your travel needs, you save a lot of money in terms of miles that you accumulate that you can redeem later for cash or an extra airline ticket; travel insurance coverage – which lets you travel conveniently knowing you are covered; complimentary airport access – to let you relax without spending a dime on comfort.

Know your goals and apply for an instant credit card accordingly.

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