Are you looking for Pokemon Cards on eBay? eBay is the perfect destination. The online store (eBay) is more like a marketplace, where people buy and sell products.

Pokemon Cards on eBay

Bringing your products on the platform is a very good idea because millions of people buy and trade on the platform.

You will find the list of pokemon cards available on eBay, and also learn how to sell pokemon cards and more in this write-up.

Pokemon Cards on eBay

Here is a list of some pokemon cards;

  • McDonald’s 2021 25th Cards Promo Single Card Master Set HOLO POKEMON Booster Pack
  • 100 x Fusion Strike  FST Pokemon TCG Online Booster Pack CODE PTCGO Sent InGame
  • Umbreon V Evolving Skies Sword & Shield DIGITAL TCG
  • Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze Booster Box new sealed
  • 100x Fusion Strike Booster Pack Codes Pokémon TCG Online, (PTCGO, sent in-game)
  • Pikachu VMAX Figure Premium Collection Pokemon Celebrations TCG NEW SEALED
  • Holo Rare Vintage
  • 25th Anniversary Celebrations Japanese 1 Box “16 Pack” s8a
  • PSL Pokemon Card Game High-Class Pack VMAX Climax Sealed Box s8b Japanese
  • Intel Xeon Rapid Strike Chilling Reign DIGITAL Pokemon TCG Online code FAST DELIVERY
  • Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Collection Box NEW SEALED
  • Ultra Rare Included – EX/GX/V/VMAX/HYPER
  • OPEN Pokemon Card Expansion Pack 25th Anniversary Collection Box s8a Japanese
  • FUSION STRIKE CODES ~ Pokemon Online Booster Sword & Shield Code TCGO FAST EMAIL
  • NEW Pokemon Online Booster Codes TCGO – Sword & Shield / S&M / XY / BW Code FAST

How to Buy Pokemon Cards on eBay

To buy any of the cards kindly visit the official page at

Locate the card you want and click on it. Then add to cart. After adding all the items you want, proceed to make your payment as you place your order.

How to Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay

To sell individual Cards on eBay do the following;

  • Sort the cards by sets. This is to enable buyers to know exactly which ones they’re buying.
  • Sort them numerically. Use the numbers at the bottom right-hand side of the card (all sets). For instance, a Charizard with 5/102 is number 5 out of 102 cards).
  • Put all of your cards in protective soft sleeves, to will protect them from UV light. Then, use plastic Binders and page Sleeves for easy storage.
  • List out all the cards you have (again, by their set). Once your cards are organized by number, you’ll see the stars first, the diamonds next, and the circles last. Also, you see the trainers, and the cycle repeats, and if there are any Secret Rares, there will be a Pokémon at the end of your set with stars.
  • Tag their prices! Card prices fluctuate all the time. And most times cards sell for more than they are listed as they’re worth in magazines, though sometimes they sell for less. So, the only way to tell is to see what’s going on with the actual buyers.
  • Type in a description page. Be sure to list what set it belongs to, the number, its rarity, and condition. explain them down to every detail so the buyer knows for sure what they’re getting. Also, make sure to tell them if the card has any bends or scratches.
  • Proceed to List them on eBay.

Don’t have an eBay account? Read below

eBay Sign Up

To register for an eBay account, follow these steps

  • Go to to register for an eBay US account and to register for an eBay Australia account.
  • Fill in your first name and your last name.
  • Then, enter your email address
  • Create your eBay account password.
  • Tap on Create account button.

To log in to your account, the next section has it in detail.

eBay Login

To login to your account, kindly take this steps;

  • Go to
  • Tap on the account Icon
  • Login in by entering your Email or username
  • Select the Login tab

This is the procedure to sign in to an already existing eBay account.


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