The Very First Battle Royale Game – Is this True?

Are you interested in finding out the Very First Battle Royale Game? It is no doubt that over the years battle Royale games have seen phenomenal success. With this, you would want to know the origin of these games.

The Very First Battle Royale Game
The Very First Battle Royale Game

It might be possible that you might never hear of battle royale games before now so, you might not be fully aware of their origin and how they work. This is why this article and also brings the list of this set of games.

What are Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale Games are genres of online games that are combined with survival and combat with a lot of players dropped at a large level. All the player has to do is to survive or fight to be the last man standing.

In the games, all the players are drop down into a map unarmed so they have to search for weapons, armor, and other necessary tools to help them survive. In other words, the weapons are to help you take down your opponent or enemies.

The habitable areas of the map shrink as time ticks and this is enforced by some manner of mechanism that will damage players. The reason for this is to stop people from hiding from each other. But at the end of the battle, there will be only one winner or survival. Also, in battle royale games, you and your friend can team up with each other.

List of Battle Royale Games

As said earlier, this article will also provide the List of Battle Royale Games and you will get it below. You will also get the initial release date of these games below.

List of Battle Royale Games
List of Battle Royale Games
S/N Game Initial Release Date
1. Z1 Battle Royale January 15th 2015
2. The Culling  March 4th 2016
3. PUBG March 23rd 2017
4. Fortnite Battle Royale September 26th 2017
5. Garena Free Fire September 30th 2017
6. October 11th 2017
7. Rules of Survival November 17th 2017
8. Knives Out December 1st 2017
9. Path of Exile: Royale April 1st 2018
10. Call of Duty: Mobile October 1st 2019

The Very First Battle Royale Game

From information known, the Very First Battle Royale Game is Z1 Battle Royale. Also, its initial release date is 15th January 2015. This game developer is Daybreak Game Company and its composer is Cris Velasco.

You can access Z1 Battle Royale on your mobile device, it is also available for Microsoft Window and PlayStation 4 or 5.

This is what we can take you and you can also visit for further information about Z1 Battle Royale.

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